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Why Buy A Steam Oven? -

As technology evolves rapidly, steam ovens have become a huge appliance hit during the past few years. What you could have heard about these ovens is that they prepare much healthier and tastier food. This is the fact, yet, it would be a good thing to understand the appliance to know why buy. In this article we will explore steam ovens more thorough and show you everything you need to know about them.

Basic Knowledge

Unlike the traditional oven, steam ovens use steam instead of hot air flow to cook food. This technology, not only performs more efficient and healthy cooking but also allows us to reheat foods, and much more effectively than the microwave. In most of the steam ovens, there is a built-in boiler. These ovens, draw-off water from a small tank into this boiler where the water is being heated and released into the oven. This type of cooking provides the same effectiveness but is faster than conventional. There are also, some models that can be connected to a water line directly, but mostly, steam ovens don’t require any specific hookup.

Always a Good Choice

Generally, everything is cooked much better with a steam oven. What steam cooking does to your food is keeping the moisture inside which makes things easier and healthier by not having to add oil or fat. The food will still be moist. This will make your meal always fresh, without having to worry that it will dry out, whether it’s a freshly cooked food or a leftover that needs reheating.

These ovens, also, help obtain a great nutritional value from food cooked. They retain natural vitamins so even if you bought some healthier ingredients, the best nutrients will be kept inside the food.

Even baking has proven much more efficient and tasty.

Eventual Cons

If there are any cons of using a steam oven, the only thing that may cause a slight inconvenience would be the fact it works with a temperature limit of somewhere near 200ºF. This may cause a struggle of cooking foods that require higher heating for cooking. If you find this as a problem, the solution to it would be a convection/steam combo.


Overall, a steam oven is a great addition to a kitchen. If you’re a careful and precise chef and like your food to be always fresh and moist, if you enjoy reheated food as good as new and freshly cooked, installing a steam oven in your kitchen is a perfect choice.