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Portable Washers

High-Quality, Space-Saving Portable Washers

Living in an apartment is no easy feat! With minimal space and restrictive leases, you need to get crafty to make your space functional.

When it comes to doing laundry, Town Appliance has solutions that allow you to wash your clothes from the comfort of home. Cut down on costly and time-consuming trips to the laundromat with one of our ultra-convenient portable washers—small, lightweight washers that you can take or place almost anywhere. No power or water hook-ups required; just connect the inlet hose to your sink.

Portable clothes washers have functions and features that are comparable to those of a larger system. With a variety of cycle modes, water heaters, temperature settings and more, portable washers are highly compact, easy-to-use machines that can make apartment living easier. Grab a portable washer from Town Appliance today and marvel at their convenience and efficiency!