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Speed Queen Laundry Appliances

Explore Speed Queen's Durable Laundry Appliances with 'Pet Plus' Technology at Town Appliance

Speed Queen stands as one of the foremost brands in the laundry appliance industry, known for durability and performance. At Town Appliance, we offer their comprehensive appliance lineup including both top-load and front-load washers and dryers, as well as stackable washers and dryers. Notably, Speed Queen has introduced "Pet Plus" technology in their appliances, ensuring clothes are free from pet hair and odors. This innovation addresses a common concern for pet owners, making Speed Queen a practical choice for households with furry companions. With a commitment to quality and specialized features, Speed Queen laundry appliances cater to diverse needs while delivering reliable performance.

We also offer a range of laundry accessories to enhance your laundry experience. Whether you need a combination washer electric dryer or a combination washer gas dryer, we own these efficient pairs.

At Town Appliance, we pride ourselves on providing appliances with reliable performance and quality—hallmarks of the Speed Queen product line. Our washing machines and all laundry products are backed by strong customer service and support, ensuring a satisfying purchase and usage experience.