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American Outdoor Grill

Premium-Quality American Outdoor Grills and Appliances

American Outdoor Grill is a brand providing a sophisticated outdoor dining experience for your outdoor kitchen, producing high-quality outdoor grills and grill accessories.
Performance, longevity, and appearance of their grills are what separates them from the others. Whether built-in, portable, post model, or a complete island system, these grills will efficiently and neatly do their job. They are made of 304 stainless steel construction and include burners, vaporizers, panels, cooking grids, and warming racks, as well as halogen interior lights, grill covers, and a piezo ignition system so no power or batteries are required. Additionally, American Outdoor Grill offers a variety of accessories such as griddles, side burners, infrared burners, outdoor refrigerators, and more. The best guarantee for the longevity of their equipment is the up-to-a-lifetime warranty. Shop Town Appliance to enhance your outdoor space with American Outdoor Grill.