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Laundry Appliances

Wide Variety of High-Quality Laundry Appliances

Town Appliance presents here a vast selection of high-quality appliances for laundry servicing. These washers, dryers and combos can have top or front load options as well as electric or gas. Also, washers and dryers come in standard, portable and commercial variants. Our highly-educated customer service team is always there and ready to support and give the best advice on your next washer, dryer or a combo unit based on your space, needs and budget. Additionally, here you can find a huge variety of laundry accessories that help maintain the top performance of your laundry appliances.
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Electric Dryers

  • Front Load Electric Dryers

    High-Quality, Fully-Featured Front Load Electric Dryers

    These electric dryers come with front load option for your better comfort. They are developed with different sizes, colors and styles to fit the rest of your interior.
    Town Appliance offers you a great selection of high-quality and fully-featured front load electric dryers.
    Electric dryers that come with a front load option for better laundry drying comfort.
  • Top Load Electric Dryers

    High-Tech and Compact Top Load Electric Dryers

    Electric gas dryers use electricity to perform, which makes them easy to install in any corner of a household that has an electrical outlet. These dryers have a door on top, which makes loading clothes easier and makes the total capacity more available. Top load electric dryers take minimum time to dry clothes and can be vented or ventless. Shop Town Appliance online and pick your most suitable top load electric dryer.
    Electric dryers that are easy to install with a top load configuration, helping to use full capacity.
  • Portable Electric Dryers

    Compact, Simple and Practical Portable Electric Dryers

    A great addition to your laundry washing machine is a portable electric dryer. These dryers are extremely compact. They can be taken most places and placed on whichever surface is flat and can be plugged in. With a simple control panel, temperature levels, auto dry mode, and circle door on the front, these will provide the best service to your clothes or linen.
    An extremely compact electric portable drying machine.
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Gas Dryers

  • Front Load Gas Dryers

    Efficiently Ready Laundry with Front Load Gas Dryers

    Dryers are among the most useful appliances. With their front loading option, they are highly practical and easy to fit into your space. Using gas as a fuel, they can be very economical, and yet they have a large capacity to handle more clothes.

    Shop your favorite one at Town Appliance.

    High-quality and highly practical dryers using natural gas with front load option.
  • Top Load Gas Dryers

    Premium-Quality Top Load Gas Dryers

    Gas dryers are among the most useful appliances since they dry clothes within the least amount of time. These dryers come with a top load option with the door on top of the appliance providing better access and better capacity usage. They are installed using the household's natural gas line with external venting to take out the moisture and gas. Explore Town Appliance and shop these premium-quality top load gas dryers online.
    Top-notch drying machines using natural gas and with a top load option for a full capacity usage.
  • Commercial Gas Dryers

    Long-Lasting and Durable Commercial Gas Dryers

    Commercial gas dryers experience an extremely high working frequency. Therefore, these dryers are of large capacity so they can handle more clothes, sheets, and linen. These machines certainly maintain their durability and so you are sure your Town Appliance shopping would be worth it.
    Gas dryers with a high working frequency for ultimate commercial use.
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Washing Machines

  • Front Load Washers

    Convenient and Practical Front Load Washers

    With front load washers, the difference is that, these washers don't have an agitator. A the benefit is that they're loaded from the front, allowing more room and as a plus, they spend much less water during cycles, and you can wash any garments, from rough to delicate.
    Washers without an agitator, with a front load option providing more room and spending less water.
  • Traditional Top Load Washers

    High-Quality, Top Performance, Traditional Top Load Washers


    Traditional top load washers come with a pole-agitator and wash your clothes in a traditional way making less noise while in process. With their top-load configuration, different colors and sizes for you to choose from, these washers have great performance and provide high-quality washing.

    Shop yours at Town Appliance.

    Traditional washers with a top load configuration that provide high-quality washing and make much less noise.

    Portable Washers

    High-Quality, Space-Saving Portable Washers

    Portable wahsers can be taken or placed almost everywhere, with functions and features just the same as a larger system. With a variety of cycle modes, water heaters, temperature settings and more, portable washers are highly compact and easy to use.

    Washers without an agitator, with a front load option providing more room and spending less water.
  • Commercial Washers

    Cost-Saving and Durable Commercial Washers

    Durability is the most important characteristic of commercial washers. Your machine is working pretty frequently so you need it to perform at its' best, efficiently, and with longevity. Coming from all the major brands, these washers reduce energy and water costs. Shop yours at Town Appliance.
    Washers for commercial or home use, able to handle multiple cycles daily, and with a high working frequency.
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Combination Washer Dryers

  • Commercial Washer & Dryer Combo

    Highly Sustainable Commercial Washer & Dryer Combo with Top-Quality Performance


    We carry a large selection of commercial combo washer and dryers for your business. Commercial combo includes both washer and dryer with various features, designs, power and cycle modes all in one unit. These machines are highly sustainable, of larger capacity and can perform more cycles daily to handle more garments, maintain your business professional and clients satisfied.

    A highly practical combination system including both washer and dryer, one unit on top of the other with larger capacity and increased sustainability.
  • Residential Combo Washer & Dryers

    Practical and Compact Residential Combo Washer & Dryers


    Residential combo is a highly-practical, two in one, system with a washer and dryer in a single unit. These machines will surprise you with their multiple features and programs and provide great service for your garments, sheets and linen, just as thoroughly and exceptionally as two separate units.

    Find the best residential combo for your household at Town Appliance.

    Highly-practical, residential system with a washing and drying option in a single unit.
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