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Ductless Range Hoods

Fully Featured, Stylish and Compact Ductless Range Hoods

If you have a kitchen with a unique layout or just want more control over where your range hood goes, ductless range hoods could be for you. Ductless range hoods are special ventilation systems that you don't need to connect to ductwork. Rather than removing smoke and odors entirely by funneling them through ducts to the outdoors, ductless hood vents filter out these contaminants using a special charcoal filter. Simple yet effective, they can make your kitchen a cleaner place.

Among numerous other benefits, ductless stove exhaust fans are also easy to set up. Because you can install them anywhere, you have the final say in where they go in your kitchen. And as the cherry on top, all of Town Appliance’s range hoods come with essential features such as internal blowers, different extraction rates, adjustable power levels, LED lights for your food, and more, ensuring optimal cleanliness for your kitchen. Integrate one of these ventilation systems into your home today; shop our selection to see your options.