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Commerical Washing Machines

Cost-Saving and Durable Commercial Washers

If you're running a laundromat or are a landlord managing residential properties, you need sturdy, reliable washing machines that can handle your customers' or tenants’ laundry. Since most commercial washers see heavy daily use, durability is one of the most important characteristics for them to have. They need to perform efficiently and last.

At Town Appliance, we carry energy- and water-efficient commercial washers from major brands such as Whirlpool. Our Energy Star commercial washers work efficiently, saving you money on monthly utility bills, require minimal maintenance, and boast a long life span. They'll boost your customers' and tenants' satisfaction by allowing them to wash their clothes quickly and effectively, and they'll boost your profits by minimizing resource usage, downtime, and maintenance. Using them is a win-win for all parties involved!

Ready to make the switch to Town Appliance’s trusty washers? Browse our selection to find ones that meet the needs of your property.