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Convertible Range Hoods

Multi-Functional, Stylish and Practical, Convertible Range Hoods

Need a new range hood for your kitchen? You may want to consider a convertible model. Convertible range hoods are versatile systems that come in both ducted and ductless versions, enabling them to fit flawlessly into any type of home.

Wall-mounted range hoods are highly beneficial additions to your home kitchen. For one, they come in an array of modern, stylish designs, including under the counter and canopy. Additionally, they ease post-cooking cleanup by removing smoke, steam, grease, and odor from the surrounding area. But that's not all. When you purchase your range hood from Town Appliance, you get additional features designed to make your cooking experience seamless and stress-free. Our convertible range hoods are fully-featured systems, containing easy-approachable control panels, LED lighting, dishwasher-safe filters, and different blower speeds, If you want one of these state-of-the-art ventilation systems for your own home, shop our selection today and see what's available.