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Professional Range Hoods

Highly Efficient Professional Ventilation Range Hoods

As chef, you need state-of-the-art kitchen gear that meets your high standards. Town Appliance's professional range hoods are sure to hit every mark on your checklist. Easy to install? Check. Sleek design? Check. Efficient? Double check.

Our professional range hoods are made for heavy-duty, commercial use. They remove odors, smoke, and other contaminants from your kitchen more efficiently than other range hood models and provide optimal air freshness and cleanliness. No longer will smoke and grease stains distract you from your work; with efficient filtering and removal, these range hoods keep your space tidy so you can focus all your attention on your job.

Don't settle for a basic range hood. You and your kitchen deserve the best of the best—a range hood that exceeds your expectations. Shop Town Appliance's impressive collection today to find a commercial range hood you'll be proud to install in your workspace.