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Warranty Information

Information on Warranty and Service Plan Terms

All the appliances purchased at are protected by the manufacturer warranty of the brands that we carry as an authorized dealer.

Though the coverage of a warranty on the products depends on the manufacturer, most of the appliance warranties cover parts and labor for a year.

Your warranty information will be received in the mail shortly after your appliance is delivered. You will be required to fill out a warranty form that includes information on when the warranty starts, which is usually from the moment of purchase or submission, and mail it.

Since most manufacturers’ extended warranties cover parts only, we can offer you an additional extended warranty, covering parts and labor up to five years. If you feel like you wish to cover your appliance more than with a standard warranty this could be a very good solution. This type of warranty is offered by a third-party New Leaf ServicePro. With New Leaf ServicePro, your warranty is being extended for a certain period. Purchasing New Leaf ServicePro protection gives you conveniences such as following:

Plans for Extended Protection

  • Full Insurance for Parts and Labor

This is the plan that is fully insured by an insurance company rated A-Excellent by A.M Best. Parts and labor or any covered repair never have to be paid for during the term.

  • Toll Free Number

A 24/7 open toll free number 1.855.879.6395 gives you an option to call any time with questions about your service plan or for appliance repair. 

  • In-Home Repair
  • Repair and Replace

If ServicePro is unable to repair your appliance we will replace it with an appliance of like features and functionality.

  • We have neither Hidden Charges nor Deductibles – 100% Coverage of Parts and Labor

If it comes to an electrical or mechanical failure of the appliance we cover repairs with no hidden charges.

  • Transferable Plan

If the appliance is transferred or sold during the term of the plan, coverage can be transferred to a new owner.

  • Renewable

       If ServicePro is unable to provide the , a reimbursement up to $250 at a laundry mat will be provided by ServicePro.

  • Multiple Repair Safeguard

If your appliance requires more than 3 service repairs within 12 months ServicePro will replace your appliance, after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty.

  • Protection for Food Loss

If it comes to an event of a food loss due to manufacturer or electrical failure we will protect you with up to $250 for a qualified event.

  • Power Surge Protection

If it comes to a power surge, we will cover your appliance with up to $500. This also includes the term of manufacturer’s warranty.

Try to avoid the following things with your appliance to make sure it is maintained as is:

Don’t make the alterations to your appliance that may affect your warranty. Within the written agreement with the manufacturer, the information on warranty void is usually stated.

Make sure your original purchase documents of proof and the copy of following documents are saved.

Your appliances need to be taken care of, and make sure they will receive a light maintenance every now and then.