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Everything Your Range Hood May Need to Stay New - Range Hoods Accessories

The filter is covered in a thick layer of gunk. The blower isn't blowing as advertised. The ducting is banged up.

If you're having any of the above problems with your range hood, it’s a sign your range hood is in dire need of maintenance. Range hood accessories can wear down with time and use. If you want to keep your hood running optimally, replacing these parts when it's their time to retire is paramount.

Fortunately, Town Appliance has all the range hood accessories you need to keep your range hood in tip-top shape. We carry duct covers, replacement filters, inline blowers for chimney extensions, recirculation kits, elbow transitions, and more. Thanks to our wide variety of range hood parts and accessories, you can easily access the items you need to maintain your range hood and optimize your kitchen’s air quality and cleanliness. Pick up the parts you need today—we make finding and ordering them easy.