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Cooking Appliances

Large Selection of High-Quality Cooking Appliances

This is a selection of Town Appliance's premium cooking appliances. We offer a wide variety of ranges and stoves, cooktops, wall ovens, microwaves, in all installation options. These appliances, also, perform as gas, electric, or dual fuel, and can be installed to any household existing energy source. Whether you need built-in, drop-in or freestanding, you will find the top-quality cooking appliances from various brands leading in the industry worldwide. Shop Town Appliance online here for your next premium-quality cooking appliance.
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  • Electric Cooktops for Sale

    A Wide Variety of High-Quality Cooktops for Your Kitchen

    At Town Appliance’s online store, you can find a wide variety of electric cooktops for sale. All our gas stovetops come from various quality brands and boast many kinds of features. Using electricity, these cooktops provide express cooking experiences with no heat spread out through the kitchen. They're also equipped with child lock and high heat indicators so that, no matter what, safety is the number one priority—including the safety of your food not being burned. So, what are you waiting for? When it comes to having electric cooktops for sale, Town Appliance will take care of your kitchen needs no matter what you are looking for.

    Top quality electric cooktops can be found here at Town Appliance.

    Fully equipped appliance, express cooking with no heat spread around. Electric cooktops come in smoothtop, coil and induction options.
  • Gas Cooktops for Sale

    Variety of Gas or Liquid Propane, Cooktops and Stove Tops

    To experience high-quality cooking of any meal, check out the gas cooktops for sale at Town Appliance. These cooktops contain both open and sealed burners for more options concerning how much heat control you want while you’re cooking. Power burners provide high temperatures rapidly and simmer burners help more detailed and delicate cooking. Besides, all our gas cooktops for sale have a user-friendly full range of temperature settings. No matter your preference, from color to various heating and cooking options, Town Appliance has you covered with name-brand appliances that will surely give your kitchen an upgrade. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our gas cooktops for sale on our online store here, and start your journey into upgrading your stovetop.

    Gas cooktops with power burners that provide rapid heating, and sealed burners for detailed and delicate cooking.
  • Top-Rated Induction Cooktops

    A Vast Array of Top-Rated Induction Cooktops

    Induction cooktops are a modern technology system using magnetic induction to provide faster and more even heating. All induction cooktops for sale at Town Appliance come with a hot surface indicator, heating only when compatible material is placed on the cooking surface. These cooktops come in various sizes and features, one of which is a dual-fuel feature—this provides additional sealed burners on the cooktop for some models. Alongside all our name-brand induction cooktops for sale here at Town Appliance, we also have customizable cooktops that you can shape to fit your kitchen even better than any of our stock models. Many of our top-rated induction cooktops are between the 30’’ and 36’’ range with either four or five burner locations. If, for whatever reason, this doesn’t suit your kitchen, contact us today to discuss our customizable options with one of our design specialists.


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  • Electric Ranges

    Premium, Top-Notch Electric Ranges


    Electric ranges come as a great option for chefs who seek precision in cooking. With their various cooktop surfaces, smoothtop, coiled or induction, these ranges provide a temperature control exquisite for the most delicate meals. They are made of stainless steel and come in freestanding, slide-in or drop-in option fitting perfectly into any kitchen space.

    Ranges using electricity with smoothtop, coiled or induction cooktop that provide temperature control for cooking the most delicate meals.
  • Gas ranges are a choice of many chefs, because of the open flame cooking which gives the food more traditional taste. These ranges use natural gas or liquid propane gas as a fuel giving you options based on your home installations, and they are made from stainless steel in various colors to perfectly fit your kitchen style.

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Professional Ranges

  • Specialty Gas Ranges

    Exquisite and Fully Functional, Multipurpose Specialty Gas Ranges

    Have all the comfort you need to create delicacy meals with specialty gas ranges. As they are fully equipped, convection, total capacity ovens, brass burners, storage drawers, and more, you will be able to cook all kinds of meals with different burner strength and temperature. Shop these exquisite specialty gas ranges at Town Appliance.
    Fully equipped, convection, total-capacity oven specialty gas ranges with different burner strengths and temperatures.
  • Specialty Electric Ranges

    High Quality, Multipurpose Specialty Electric Induction Ranges

    You will need nothing more to perform your top chef skills but one of the specialty electric induction ranges. As they are equipped smooth-top cooktop, separate ovens, convection oven with total capacity, storage drawers, and a child lock for everyone's safety, Town Appliance provides you with the best, multipurpose cooking equipment.
    Specialty electric ranges with smoothtop cooktop, separate ovens, convection and more for the ultimate cooking experience.
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Slide-in Ranges

  • Gas Slide-In Ranges

    Multi practical Gas Slide-In Ranges For Your Top Notch Cooking Experience

    Experience the top-notch home cooking and prepare the most delicious meals with one among the variety of gas slide-in ranges. Intended to be placed in between your cabinets, these ranges are equipped with multiple sealed burners and a convection, storage drawer as well as self-cleaning mode and a timer.

    Shop Town Appliance for a wide range of gas slide-in ranges.

    Slide-in gas ranges with sealed burners, convection and many more features.
  • Electric Slide-In Ranges

    Enjoyable Cooking Time With a Wide Variety of Electric Slide-In Ranges

    Enhance your cooking at home and make it simple and most enjoyable by sliding an electric range between your cabinets. These electric slide-in ranges, fully equipped for the comfortable cooking with convection oven, smooth top, storage drawer as well as approachable control panel in front, can be found here at Town Appliance.
    High-quality electric ranges with practical slide-in installation configuration.
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Freestanding Ranges

  • The most precise cooking results are proven with traditional gas ranges. These ranges are a combination of the best traditional quality and modern design for your comfort. With many convenient features like warming drawers, convection oven, self-cleaning, sealed burners, and more, your cooking comfort and experience are expected at their best.

    Shop online for your favorite with Town Appliance.

  • Freestanding Electric Stove and Oven

    High-Quality, Prime, Freestanding Electric Stove and Oven for the Premium Home Cooking

    Take some time to browse through the wide selection of freestanding electric ranges with uniform oven heating, which provides quality baking. They come as a slide-in or a drop-in model and have a large capacity giving the option of cooking more meals at once. With large viewing windows, storage drawers, total oven capacity, and approachable control panel, Town Appliance offers the best of the best electric freestanding stove and ovens. If you think of any questions, our world-class customer service representatives gladly answer them and help you. Just submit all your comments or concerns to our contact page, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.
  • Freestanding Electric Smoothtop Ranges

    Top Quality Freestanding Smoothtop Ranges With Multiple Features

    Made for cooking more dishes at once, and making cleanup simple, these freestanding electric smooth top ranges are just top-notch. They are available in different colors to match your kitchen design. With their multiple features and frontal control panel, they are sure to provide high-quality meals cooking easy.
    Freestanding ranges with smoothtop cooktop, using electricity, made for cooking more dishes and making cleanup simple.
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Wall Ovens

  • Natural Gas Wall Oven

    High-Tech and Stylish Natural Gas Wall Ovens for the Fanciest Kitchens

    Appliances that come across as pretty attractive, practical, and easy to use. Gas wall ovens are extremely practical in both their flawless performance and by design, being easy to fit any style and save your valuable kitchen space. As their fuel is natural gas, it's certain that your meals will turn out great and delicious as expected. With our wide selection of natural gas wall ovens, you’ll surely find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Shop your favorite gas wall oven at Town Appliance. Have questions? Submit them on our contact page; our amazing customer service team will get back you as soon as possible.
  • Single Electric Wall Ovens

    Highly Practical, Modern Designed Single Electric Wall Ovens

    Wall ovens are for the frequent bakers, so they could stand upright, and enjoy their goods baking. These single electric wall ovens have a high capacity to accommodate large cookware with ease. Wall ovens contain a self-cleaning cycle, auto shutoff, child lock, as well as more features that will make your baking experience that much more enjoyable.

    Single electric wall ovens are a large capacity ovens, able to accommodate large cookware made for frequent chefs.
  • Double Electric Wall Ovens

    Finest, Fully Equipped and Stylish Double Electric Wall Ovens

    These ovens provide even baking by maintaining the temperature cycle within the oven. With a top capacity oven, they give the possibility of baking larger meals. They're fully equipped with never scrub, heavy-duty racks, precision temperature probe, and self-clean with an optional steam clean system.

    Shop double wall ovens at Town Appliance.

    Double ovens that provide even temperature and cooking more meals at once, installed into the existing cabinetry.
  • Microwave Wall Oven Combo

    Premium Quality, Stylish Design, Microwave Wall Oven Combo

    Microwave wall oven combo is a highly practical baking system with a separate oven and a microwave in a single unit. The system contains custom cooking programs, temperature conversion for convection cooking, fast preheat, halogen lights, and many more features to ease your kitchen time.

    Highly practical baking system with a separate oven and a microwave in a single unit.
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Microwave Ovens

  • Over the range microwaves are very often the top choice due to its perfect combination of great microwave performance in a space-saving version. Equipped with electronic control display coupled with programmed auto defrost features and multi-level power settings, these will not only save your countertop space but are also highly practical.

  • Countertop Microwaves

    Countertop Microwaves, Stylish and Practical, Single-Unit

    Countertop microwaves come as a single cooking unit with multiple features to provide the best cooking experience. Equipped with sensor cooking controls, convection cooking and rack, full-capacity warming oven and recessed turntable.
    Countertop microwaves are a single cooking unit, with multiple features to provide the best cooking experience.
  • Built-In Microwaves

    Built-In Microwaves, Multi practical, Time and Space Saving

    Built-in Microwaves are practical in many ways. They're planned to be placed as a part of your kitchen elements, saving quite a lot of space on your countertop. With different cooking and heating modes, control panel lock and speed cooking tools, these microwaves reduce the cooking time and effort.
    Top-quality microwaves with built-in installation configuration into the existing kitchen elements.
  • Microwave Accessories

    A Selection of Useful and Multi Practical Microwave Accessories

    Every system needs a small renewal. Town Appliance offers a full selection of accessories you may need to maintain your microwave's longevity. From trim kits, charcoal filters and handles to hood filters, and flush install kit. Browse to find whatever it is you need to keep your microwave functional for a long time.
    All the accessories you may need to maintain the longevity of your microwave.
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Ventilation Range Hoods

  • Convertible Range Hoods

    Multi-Functional, Stylish and Practical, Convertible Range Hoods

    Convertible range hoods will have multiple impacts on your kitchen. Stylish as they are, they bring an enhanced now look, cooking experience, and ease the cleanup. Hoods are a fully-featured system, containing easy-approachable control panel, LED lighting, dishwasher-safe filters, and different blower speeds, so you can find something new for your kitchen at Town Appliance.
    Range hoods that can be converted from ducted to ductless.
  • Ducted Range Hoods

    Stylish, Practical and Efficient Ventilation Ducted Range Hoods

    Practical for kitchens with a larger range, ducted hoods extract smoke quite efficiently with minimal noise when on low power mode. Many hoods have additional LED lights to brighten your cooktop, and they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your kitchen style.

    Get your favorite at Town Appliance.

    Range hoods connected to a duct with pipes that carry the airborne particles away from the kitchen to the outdoors.
  • Professional Range Hoods

    Highly Efficient Professional Ventilation Range Hoods

    Professional range hoods upgrade air freshness in your kitchen and take out the odor and smoke more efficiently. These ventilation range hoods efficiently provide the best ventilation to satisfy a chef's high standards in the kitchen. Shop for your favorite one at Town Appliance.
    Professional range hoods upgrade air freshness in your kitchen and take out the odor and smoke more efficiently.
  • Range Hoods Accessories

    Everything Your Range Hood May Need to Stay New - Range Hoods Accessories

    This large selection of ventilation hood accessories helps keep your unit neat and new. From duct covers, replacement filters, and inline blowers to chimney extensions, recirculation kits, and elbow transitions, our wide variety of hood accessories helps provide the great ventilation.
    A selection of range hoods accessories keeping your range hood neat and new.
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