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Appliance Services

Town Appliance’s Full Appliance Service Department

A great thing about Townappliance.com is that we offer a full appliance service department. With our own repair subsidiary you have a great option on servicing your appliance in the same place it’s been purchased. Also, our Appliance Parts Department offers highly professional assistance in ordering the correct parts that your appliance may need.

Appliance Parts and Our Advisory Team

Ordering parts online can be tricky, therefore we have a dedicated Parts Call Center that offers exceptional knowledge in appliance functionality and features. If, for any reason, your appliance doesn't perform as it's supposed to and there's a chance it needs parts to be replaced call our Appliance Parts Department at 1800-288-1647 Ext 6

Town Appliance Repair Subsidiary Services

At Town Appliance we offer repair services from our subsidiary that we own. This way, we tend to simplify to our customers by having all of our services in one place. Our highly educated, and experienced team of professionals perform repairs and services on all the appliances we sell. Simply schedule a service call, or schedule your appliance repair service online, click here.