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What's the Best Choice You Can Make? Ranges vs. Wall Ovens

There’s a good reason we spend so much time decorating and supplying rooms in our household. Since we spend a lot of time cooking and having our meals we need our kitchen to fit our lifestyle as much as possible. This means also, for our appliances to meet our needs perfectly, and therefore, we have to be careful when purchasing them. In this article, we will show you some differences and similarities, as well as features and other specifications of wall ovens and ranges.

It’s pretty obvious what is the difference between a wall oven and a classic range, and the choice is always supposed to be based on your needs. A wall oven is an item with the ability to be built-in to the wall and cabinets, while ranges come in freestanding, slide-in, or drop-in configuration and come with an oven and a cooktop together in one appliance. It’s all in your preferences which one is the most suitable for you.


One thing we simply must consider when purchasing cooking appliances is for sure the layout or their placement. If you are planning to purchase a range, the best thing about them is the fact you will have all your cooking equipment in one place. Having everything in one place surely makes things neater. Although, you have to consider the size of a range when planning it’s placement since they certainly take more space. In the case of a wall oven, they turned out to be a great option if you’re looking for some more flexible space and more room in your kitchen. As this appliance comes separately from a cooktop, they are more optional for placement and functionality. The most common chest-level built-in option is very useful since there’s no need for crouching for its usage.

Additionally, there’s size flexibility, which gives you options to buy a larger oven and a slightly smaller cooktop if that’s what your needs are.


When it comes to aesthetics, it mostly comes down to which style you prefer. Things you need to consider, first of all, are you more into the modern and minimalistic, or traditional and vintage look, as well as is it more important to you for the appliance to be compact with size, or fully featured so you’ll be able to perform more delicate cooking. Ranges definitely offer more options when it comes to design, brand choice, color, or material. On the other hand, wall ovens bring that futuristic look and help provide a sense of minimalism to the space, both with their layout and built-in-to-wall configuration.


Another important factor in deciding for your purchase is, of course, your budget. This, also, requires some thinking of which of the appliance features are essential for your future usage, and which one will meet your budget the most. Have in mind that ranges mostly come as a more affordable option in comparison to wall ovens. In the case of ranges, their price range goes mostly from $350 up to $12000. On the other hand, wall ovens prices start somewhere from $800 and go as high as $8000. Of course, in the case of wall ovens, you will be needing an additional cooktop which can cost from $400 up to $3000, so make sure you choose wisely to secure your perfect satisfaction with the next purchase.

Of course, these are a few simple tips for you to try to decide on your own, whether you want to embark upon a professional-chef-style with your new range or enhance your kitchen space with a modern wall oven which will give you great cooking flexibility. If you need additional assistance, we are happy to offer you the expert help of our appliance service and customer service departments. These trained professionals are always there to give their qualified opinion and help you make your next purchase the best possible choice.