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Useful Yet Unusual Appliance Features

All the features and conveniences that new age, high-end technology includes today are here to make our lives easier. This refers to the usage, especially with home appliances. Still, as it implies countless options and possibilities, it can be difficult to filter down and decide what is it we really need from all these features. Of course, we're here to help you, therefore, we will give you a nudge with a few hints for some of the high-end appliance features you may think of. Remember, these are not MUST HAVE, but some features that may make your life easier.

Induction Cooktop

While there are numerous advantages of induction, one of them that comes extremely practical is that the user can't get burned even when the cooktop is on. You may have already read about it, but induction cooktops function with a principle of the electromagnetic field that heats the cookware directly, not the traditional way with burner getting hot and transferring heat to pots and pans. Logically, this system turns out to be extremely efficient, quick, and energy-saving.

Reservoir for a Laundry Detergent

Something that could definitely take much stress and time off, and yet is not among the first thoughts we may have, is a reservoir for laundry detergent. Pouring laundry can be quite a messy job, especially if you have kids that run around the house. Single-living people mostly do 1 or 2 loads of laundry weekly, however, this may multiply many times depending on how many people live in a household. There are a few washing machines on the market that include reservoirs that can contain the amount of detergent for up to 12 cycles. This will highly lower the chances of mess in your home. As an additional convenience, these systems recognize the desired amount of detergent based on the washing cycle picked, which saves you time, hassle, and also, saves money.

Laundry Pedestals

Any type of storage is a great addition to a household. Especially in the laundry room or the space around your laundry pair. For these situations, a great option would be laundry pedestals. First of all these pedestals will increase the height of your washer, which will make your loading much easier, especially if you own a front load washing machine. But, besides this, they are also a great addition to your organization during laundry time. These pedestals have drawers that can contain a full bottle of detergent, rags, and hangers, as well as many other items needed for the same purpose of clean clothes, but you can't find the other place to keep them.

Refrigerator Content Supervision

To everyone, this feature sounds funny at first or looks like absolutely useless. But one mostly finds its benefits right after its first usage. We're talking about the inconvenience of not remembering what's in your fridge and everything that goes with this fact. There are always questions like are we out of milk? Is something going bad in my fridge, or should I buy more ingredients for this cake? This feature is where asking these questions stop. Some smart refrigerators come with an internal camera, so you would be able to check the content of your fridge directly from the grocery store, via your smartphone, or a smart device. Besides this, these refrigerators have the option of remembering the expiration date of an item inside, and an integrated internet browser. You may think why do I need this when I own both a computer and a phone? But these refrigerators allow you to play music while cooking, or even download a recipe and have it read out loud while you're preparing your family's favorite meal.

These are just some of the features created very wisely, in the purpose of the users to have as much convenience as possible. If you're looking to upgrade your cooking, refrigeration, or laundry habits, these features are the ones to be considered. And if you're in the market for some of these appliances, able to spare your time and hassle, your home appliance retailers at Town offer a great variety of household appliances for any budget or need.