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Understanding the Appliance's Energy-Efficiency

Most considered factors when buying new appliances are often things such as price, layout, and features. One very important factor, that we mostly miss or forget is energy efficiency. This factor mostly reflects on the cost of the appliance so it’s definitely something to consider. Whether you try to live your life and run your daily tasks environmental-friendly, or you are a regular energy consumer, using energy-efficient appliances has numerous pros. The first one would be the fact that energy-saving appliances can pay themselves out in a few years with hundreds of dollars saved per year on their energy use.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. residential customer uses approximately 909 kWh of energy per month which is around 10,909 kWh per year. An average electricity rate by state is $0.133 per kWh. Which brings us to an average of $1,450 spent a year for electricity per only ONE user. No doubt, some of these bucks would serve pretty well if saved.

Energy efficiency varies between brands. Even though many manufacturers state their appliances are energy-efficient, the only government-backed standard for energy efficiency is Energy Star rating. This certifies homes that are at least 10 percent more efficient than an average home?

Simply, for your information, here is the list of appliances that use most of the energy (average) in your home:

  • Central Air Conditioners (1,450 kWh/month)
  • Refrigerators (205 kWh/month)
  • Dryers (75 kWh/month)
  • Range (58 kWh/month)
  • Dishwasher (30 kWh/month)
  • Microwave (16 kWh/month)
  • Washing Machine (9 kWh/month)

Since we’ve listed these details for you and spread knowledge in energy-efficiency when it comes to appliances, you might want to consider them when purchasing your next appliance.

When it’s time for your new purchase, make sure you ask from your online appliance retailers an info on that appliance’s Energy Star rating. What you would, also, like to do is pay attention to is finding an appliance with energy-saving settings. This is specific and most important for dishwashers. Also, a wise thing to do before the purchase is taking a look at the appliance’s Energy Guide Label.

Here are, also, some appliance brands that have proven to be the most energy-efficient by Energy Star rating when it comes to the most used appliances in a household:

  • Dishwashers – In 2020 the list of most energy-efficient dishwashers includes 8 brands among which the most dominant is Miele. This brand offers more than 30 EPA approved dishwashers on the market.
  • Air Conditioners – According to the EPA, Midea develops the top 3 energy-efficient air conditioners. The average annual energy use of these air conditioners is around 600 kWh.
  • Refrigerators – Based on the EPA criteria, Bloomberg seem to offer the most energy-efficient models of standard refrigerators with an average energy use of 294 kWh per year.

Now that you have it all served on a plate, finding your next perfect appliance will be a breeze. Feel free to browse through our wide selection of appliances and contact our Customer Service for any additional information.

Good luck!