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Tips for Properly Loading Your Dishwasher

The main purpose of a dishwasher is for us not to get our hands “dirty”, or more in detail, avoid handwashing and still have those piles of dishes cleaned effectively. Dishwashers are one of the most hardworking home appliances, but even the best of them don’t get the job done if they’re loaded up the wrong way.
You might think that after years of loading the dishwasher you have found the best way to do so. But, there are a few factors in loading the dishwasher that may be crucial even if you’ve never thought of them. Everyone has their own method of loading the dishwasher, and everyone thinks theirs is the best way to do it. You may want to check out the user manual provided by the manufacturer but if you don’t own that small piece of paper any more, we got you a solution to the problem. Here are a few hints on how to properly load your dishwasher.

Top Rack

The best way to load your dishwasher is to start from the top, or more closely- the top rack. Now, the way you’re placing the dishes into the top rack needs to be well organized and strategical. Cups, glasses, and small bowls should all be placed in the top rack. What you need to take care of is not to overstaff this rack also.
Having too many dishes next to each other increases the risk of breakage and blocks the flow of water and detergent, so be sure to have plenty of space when you begin loading them up. Dishwasher-safe plastic goes in this rack also. Placing these on the top rack  is highly important as it will keep them away from any heating element.

Bottom Rack

Logically all of us would work this process from the top down, however the next rack to move to is the bottom one. The bottom rack is where you’ll want to put your large, heavier dishware; anything from plates, bowls, and other large items belong on the bottom rack. To avoid blocking the water spray, platters, dishwasher-safe cutting boards, and other oversized pieces should be placed more towards the sides and back of the appliance.
Aluminum and stainless-steel cookware can also be put in the dishwasher on the bottom rack. 


Silverware seems to be quite a mystery for most people when it comes to loading the dishwasher.. Obviously, everyone knows that a utensil basket is the place intended for silverware. However, there are a couple of great methods to practice that will get all of your pieces of silverware looking wonderfully clean. It might seem logical to place forks, spoons, and knives in their own compartments, but mixing them together will help get them cleaner. All forks and spoons should be placed in the basket with the handles facing down, while knives go with the handles facing up so you can avoid grabbing a sharp blade. One thing you should keep in mind is to try to separate your silverware from stainless steel dishes as the silverware could be dented from the chemical reaction. 

Non-Dishwasher Items

Remember that any items that are brass, bronze, wood, or china with gold leaf, should all be hand-washed to avoid discoloration and damage. The fact that these items aren’t dishwasher-friendly doesn’t vary from model to model,  it’s just that some dishes require more delicate care to ensure they are properly cleaned without being actually damaged.

Unloading the Dishwasher

Again it may not come to your mind at first but the bottom rack should be the first to be unloaded. If not, the water that collects on the surfaces of mugs, bowls, or glasses from the top rack will spill onto the plates, pots, and any other dish below. After the bottom rack, it’s time to take out the silverware, and leave the upper rack items for last.
It’s recommended to take out like-dishes in the same time as it would be much more easy to store them, meaning you’re being efficient and doing two jobs at once.

We are sure these tips will come handy during your next dishwasher loading, so you can be certain of the fact that the way you load your appliance won’t be causing any issue. However if you need your dishwasher replaced, or your kitchen is about to get one for the first time check out our huge selection of dishwashers and worry no more, as your home appliance retailers in Town care of you and your convenience.