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Tips For Maintaining Your Washer

Tips For Maintaining Your Washer

We’ve talked many times about maintaining our appliances, especially the ones that are connected to food since they need the most constant care. However, not a lot of words have been provided about the maintenance of the appliances such as washer and dryer. Therefore we will list down a few instructions you can perform every now and then to make sure your washer stays in perfect condition and keep its performance to the maximum level and quality.

Detergent Recommendation

It’s essential to check the user manual for the detergent recommendation, since some manufacturers may suggest some specific brands. For example, powdered detergent or high-efficiency liquid detergent should be used with some water-saving washing machine models to minimize the formation of residue. Be sure to load the detergent correctly too - some units have a detergent tray and fabric softener tray, while others don’t.

Keep the Gasket Dry

A rubber seal, or the gasket is an item very likely to suffer from mold. Wipe it off after you do a load of laundry, as keeping the gasket dry will protect it from premature wear.

Air Needs To Circulate

Not only for the gasket but the whole washer has mold for the enemy. If you keep the door open when the machine isn’t in use, you lower the risk of multiplying spores.

Checking the Hoses

Washers have three types of hoses. One for hot water, one for cold water, and a hose for draining. Check these hoses monthly for cracks or brittleness. The best time is right after running the washing machine, as you’ll be able to see if anything is leaking.

Do the Cleaning

You may now wonder when was the last time you’ve done this and if the washer actually needs to be cleaned. Front-load washers are especially notorious for getting dirty, and all washers should be cleaned every month or two. We have a list of tips for cleaning your washing machine thoroughly.

Take Care of the Lint Filter

Lint traps are a specific part of the washer and they should be getting a little bit more attention. If you notice a lot of fuzz on your clothing, it might be because of a clogged lint trap. Check out our instructions for finding and cleaning a washing machine lint trap.

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