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The Advantages of Using a Double Wall Oven

The Advantages of Using a Double Wall Oven
The Advantages of Using a Double Wall Oven

One of the best parts of living in the 21st century is the amazing technology we have that makes everyday living easier. If you enjoy cooking, there’s one piece of technology that you should definitely consider: the double wall oven, perfect for hosting, running a cottage food business, or simply making the most out of ordinary dinners. The advantages of using a double wall oven are many—discover some of them below.

Kitchen Multitasking

The most obvious benefit of having a double oven is that you can cook two things at once at two completely different temperature settings. You can try to cook multiple dishes in a single oven, but then you’d have to worry about whether they’ll both cook evenly and whether the moisture from one dish will affect the texture of the other. With a double wall oven, you’ll never have to guess—each dish can have its own temperature setting.

When Is a Double Oven Useful?

There are so many situations in which having a double oven is useful. Here are some examples:

  • When you want multiple dishes to come out at the same time for a dinner party
  • When you need to make multiple desserts for a child’s birthday party
  • At Thanksgiving, when the turkey needs several hours to cook and you have other dishes to make
  • When you’re making macarons or other fiddly pastries that you must make in precise batches
  • Any night of the week, when you want to roast veggies at one temperature and broil fish on a different setting

Wall Ovens vs. Freestanding Ovens

There’s a big difference between wall-mounted ovens and their freestanding counterparts. Most freestanding double ovens still come with ranges on top, so they need to be at standing height for the average person. This means that one of the double ovens will be smaller than the other.

This is not the case with wall-mounted ovens. With a wall-mounted oven, you get two equally sized ovens that can both hold the same kinds of dishes. Imagine if you wanted to serve both turkey and ham at Christmas—you’d never fit both of those into a freestanding double oven.

Different Technology

Most of the folks looking to upgrade to a double oven love to cook. Oven engineers know this, so they often add additional features that other ovens don’t have to give home chefs more exciting options. For example, some double wall ovens include steam-burst functions, sous vide technology, built-in air-frying capabilities, and more.

Double wall ovens also use different technology to cook whatever you place in them. Regular home ovens are what we call conventional ovens, meaning they heat food from the bottom, and the heat just sort of sits there. Wall ovens usually come with a convection setting, which uses fans to blow the heat around so that food cooks more evenly. Convection ovens can get you professional results right from your home kitchen.

Better Ergonomics

If you’re tired of bending over every time you want to use your oven, you should definitely look into getting a double wall oven. Since both ovens are higher than the ground, you won’t have to stoop to put dishes in or get food out.

Wall ovens are also much easier to clean than typical home ovens. Manual oven-cleaning requires you to cover the inside of your oven in baking soda paste or store-bought cleaner, which you then have to wipe out by hand. However, most wall ovens come with a self-cleaning function that allows you to lock the oven and let heat do the hard work of loosening old food and grease particles. Then, all you have to do is sweep out the ash.

Choosing a Double Wall Oven

Many home appliance brands make double-wall ovens, so you have plenty of options to choose from. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is how the new oven will look next to your other appliances. There’s no need for everything to be identical, but you don’t want to choose something of a completely different style unless you’re willing to give your whole kitchen a face-lift.

The other thing to consider is what kind of features you want in your wall oven. Convection settings and self-cleaning modes are pretty standard, but there are many other features. In addition to the ones we mentioned earlier, some ovens also provide proofing settings for bread, steam-roasting options, quicker preheating, steam-cleaning features, and even dehydrating functions.

When you’re investing in a top-quality appliance, you also need to look at reviews to make sure the smorgasbord of features aren’t too good to be true. Waiting for holiday or seasonal sales is also a good idea, since you’re more likely to get a better buy. Warranties are also important because you never know when an individual unit may have a flaw.

How To Prepare for a Double Wall Oven

If you decide to upgrade your kitchen with a double wall oven, you’ll need to make some preparations. If you already have a wall oven such as an oven-microwave combo, you can have contractors remove the old appliances and make room for the new one. If you don’t already have the perfect space for wall ovens, you may have to make one.

One of the nice things about wall-mounting your oven is that you’ll no longer need to have an oven below your kitchen range. So if moving your oven means sacrificing some cabinet space, you can balance things out by turning the area under your range into storage. A renovation such as this is the perfect excuse to get a range upgrade, since you’ll be saying goodbye to your old conventional oven anyway.

Since most wall ovens are electric, you’ll also want to hire either an electrician or someone with trade qualifications to handle the installation of your new appliance. This is not the time for a DIY project!

The Bottom Line

Double wall ovens have amazing advantages that every home chef should have a chance to explore. They tend to perform better at basic oven functions than standard ovens, and they come with many other features to help you get the most out of your kitchen. Town Appliance carries many major brands of double wall ovens, and we’d love to help you find the perfect unit for your kitchen needs.

The Advantages of Using a Double Wall Oven
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