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Saving Energy By Unplugging Your Appliances

Saving Energy By Unplugging Your Appliances

Today, almost everyone takes care of energy usage in their own way and for their own reasons. Whether it’s for the reduction of bills or taking care of the environment. For this reason, people seem to change their daily habits. Among many other stories on how to save energy while using your appliances, we’d like to talk a little bit about what good can it do to unplug them after usage. 

Every regular household has numerous small appliances plugged in. The fact is, even those that are turned off after use may continue to draw power, and the only way to truly power down many appliances is by pulling the plug.

There is a hidden energy usage which can mostly be noticed with the appliances with a digital clock, display, timer, and similar. Exactly how much unplugging unused appliances will save you each month depends on a number of factors, including the type and size of the item in question. For example, unplugging your coffeemaker or microwave is unlikely to make a significant difference, while a computer, modem, and monitor, TV, phone charger, or cable box all consume a considerable amount of electricity even when not in use.

It turns out that a lot of energy usage is hidden within these small plugged in appliances, and changing some habits you may save up to ten percent on your monthly energy bills. You can maximize your savings by figuring out which appliances in your home utilize the most energy when powered down by using a handheld electricity monitor or a power usage monitor that plugs into the wall. By plugging the appliance into the monitor, you can obtain an accurate reading on electricity usage to determine which appliances are the biggest drain on resources, and making it a habit to unplug them after each use.

One thing that definitely eases our daily routine around our home is a smart technology which you can use to do various tasks from your smartphone device. Smart plugs are a cost-effective solution to help reduce energy usage that allows you to control the flow of power to appliances and electronics remotely. Most models incorporate a timer or some form of scheduling so you can program the plug to turn off your appliance at the same time each day, and energy monitoring capabilities.

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