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Reasons to Go With Built-in Appliances

When designing a new kitchen, today we have at our disposal a huge selection of appliances and models that can give a modern look, while also maximizing the functionality of the room where we spend a good part of the day. One of the dilemmas when choosing is certainly whether to buy built-in devices or those that stand independently from the kitchen cabinetry. Built-in kitchen appliances are hidden behind the cabinetry panels and easily fit into any style, unlike freestanding appliances that are clearly visible and often deviate from the overall design in the kitchen. Additionally, built-in appliances are a great way to save space, especially if you lack space for everything you’ve planned to have in the kitchen. In this article, we will look at all the advantages that built-in kitchen appliances bring. 

They fit perfectly into the kitchen that is open toward the dining room

The modern way of life and the growing trend toward open kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms make built-in appliances more than a great way to make your cooking and food preparation space modern and form one large room with a dining room and living room. When appliances do not catch the eye, they don't dominate the space, so they can help you visually create a harmonious space. Built-in appliances also simplify the process of designing an aesthetically compact kitchen. Given that you can hide most of them behind the panels of the kitchen cabinetry, it doesn't matter what color or style they are, everything will look like one complete unit. In addition to fitting perfectly into an existing design, built-in washing machines or dishwashers are often less noisy than freestanding models. This is not only because they are hidden behind the panels, but also because they are placed right next to other kitchen elements and appliances, so they are less likely to oscillate and shake during operation.

You can place built-in appliances anywhere in the kitchen

Freestanding appliances, such as ranges or microwave ovens, have limited placement options. For example, a range with an oven can only be placed on the floor, which is not an ideal position for some people, especially those who are taller. You will have to bend down to put food in the oven or take it out, which will make it difficult to move around the kitchen and reduce its efficiency. With built-in appliances, especially ovens which you can place at a height that suits you, you won't have to bend down, your back won't hurt, and easier handling will increase the safety of working with the oven and reduce the possibility of getting burned. Of course, this applies not only to ovens but also to most of the other built-in appliances. For kitchens that have an island, built-in cooktops and wall ovens are a great choice as you can put lunch on the table directly from the oven without the “level change”. Additionally, you will be in constant contact with a company or family members who are waiting to try your specialties.

Seamless design

The seamless design is one of the main features of kitchens with built-in appliances. Where free-standing appliances took up too much space and detracted from the design, built-in appliances will fit in perfectly and take up less space. They fit perfectly into both traditional and modern kitchen designs, as they can be found in various designs, colors, materials, and styles. So, regardless of whether you have a white modern kitchen or a traditional oak-colored kitchen, the built-in appliances will fit in perfectly, giving a flawless look and a unique space.

Faster and simpler maintenance

Built-in kitchen appliances have fewer surfaces that are directly exposed to the outside, so you will clean them easier and faster. You won't have to take them out of the “case” where they're installed, if it's at all possible with most models, to clean all their sides. Due to the way in which these appliances are installed, there will be no gaps and spaces between them, other appliances, and work surfaces where food residues can be found. For example, between a classic stove and a worktop, there will almost certainly be food that accidentally fell into the space. If you don't clean for long enough, that food will spoil and your kitchen will begin to smell unpleasant instead of smelling delicious.

You will increase the value of your property

If you want to change your apartment, you won't be able to take most of the built-in kitchen appliances with you. But that's not a reason to worry, it's actually an advantage. Many real estate buyers are ready to pay a higher price if they are satisfied with the appearance of the food preparation space because kitchen renovation is one of the more expensive investments when renovating a house or an apartment. So, if you have built-in kitchen appliances, you are more likely to get a better price for your apartment or house. If you’re thinking about redesigning your old kitchen or building a completely new one, you should definitely consider built-in appliances. They will give the space where you spend most of your time a modern look and increase its functionality.

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