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Plum - Style, Efficiency and Intelligence

There’s a huge variety of wine coolers available on the market. These appliances were made from the most durable materials, and high-end technology was implemented to fulfill the expectations from customers worldwide. Wine coolers maintain the perfect conditions for wine to be stored properly.

What is Plum?

Still, there is a company that wanted to go further or try to level it up for all the wine lovers out there. Welcome to Plum.
David Koretzs is Plum’s CEO and founder. He had an idea of creating an intelligent wine dispenser that will have a preserving feature. There could be various problems with automatic preservation but cork is the biggest issue. Simply, if the cork gets dry, the wine goes bad, and this happens due to improper storage. More detailed, trying to remove a dry cork can make it crumble and leave pieces in the bottle. Additionally, it can loosen in the bottleneck, which will make the wine oxidize from the air entering the bottle. Besides that, oxidizing also happens when the cork is fully removed. This system contains an integrated gas canister filled with argon that’s removable. After testing the product, we’ve seen that it can preserve up to 150 bottles before it needs a new cartridge. For those who might be afraid of argon, it’s actually a non-toxic gas, environmentally safe, and it’s already in the air.

Flexibility and Intelligence

There are no boundaries with Plum, meaning that it works with all 750ml bottles. This is the same whether they include cork of any kind or metal screw caps. The system functions with a needle that penetrates the cork, as the bottle is safely placed. An amazing feature of this system is that it recognizes the label of the bottle and performs internet research to collect the information needed for flawless preservation, such as temperature and similar. When you need to pour a glass of wine, as you’re approaching the appliance, touchscreen control on the seven-inch full-color display will light up. It will allow you to select your desired amount of wine to be poured into the glass.

Modern, Stylish, and Unique

We simply must state that Plum took their perfectly detailed design to the next level in comparison to any other appliance on the market. And when we said detail, we meant detail. From stainless steel finish, front control panel, the pouring spout, bottle needle, to the springs that keep the bottle fixed onto the needle, each small component is designed with precision, style, and to present the technology this system offers, the classiest possible way. Plum is a truly unique appliance that will exude style and intelligence whether you’ve mounted it into your cabinetry or simply put freestanding on the countertop. It will surely add extra modernism to your next event in the kitchen.

Functionality and, Again - Intelligence

Based on our own testing, when a bottle is placed into the Plum system, and the system recognizes the brand and its desired conditions, wine can be stored in there for weeks while still keeping its freshness and taste. This is thanks to the perfect vision and realization of the wine preservation process. After you select your desired wine bottle, you will open the door and place the bottle into the chamber placing the cork down while the label will be facing up. An interesting and very important instruction is to not remove the cork. After this is done, a system will automatically press the bottle of wine forward using a spring-assisted piston and safely push the cork onto the stainless steel needle until it has reached the wine within. Immediately, it will take a picture of the label which will be shown onto the LCD screen, indicating which wine is in use this time. Considering the fact that this is a smart appliance, therefore, connected to WiFi, Plum will browse the web for the vineyard the wine came from and download its history, specific blend, and preset the chamber to the preferred temperature for that specific blend. As you can see, yours is just to pour a glass and enjoy the exquisite taste.


Surely, wine is not everyone’s drink. And, definitely, only a serious wine lover will know the true meaning of perfect wine preservation. These people know the conditions their wine was stored in from the first smell or taste. That’s why a true wine lover will appreciate a perfect preservation system. At Town Appliance, we offer this wine dispenser and preservation system with a virtual sommelier and wine recognition at a fantastic $2,499.

All of these facts say more than enough about Plum and its features. This purchase is nothing but a “should” and if you’re looking to add a great wine-tasting experience into your daily life, visit our nearest showroom or shop online at