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How to Prevent Clothes From Fading?

In some cases, fade can be trendy, but mostly, when it comes to clothes, fade is a 'no-no". There are numerous examples of this in terms of colors. For example, if your red jacket is faded it looks old and dingy. Also, fade especially looks awful in black pieces of clothes. Regular, simple washing cycles may contribute colors to fade, but there is always something we can do to prevent this to occur. Take a look at these few hints on how to prevent your clothes from fading.

Cold Water Cycles

There are people who prefer to put all of their clothes into one load. If this is what you prefer, make sure this load is washed in cold water. It all comes down to the fact that warmer water makes fabric fade much quicker.

Washer Settings

It's also good to know how your washer's settings function. For example, if your clothes are just lightly soiled, and don't have any difficult stains on them, it's not advised to use heavy settings. These settings will only contribute to the fading of your fabric. Lighter settings are the way to go for these loads.

Inside Out

It's very simple - If your washing cycle is likely to make fabric fade, turn your clothes inside out to make sure the coloring stays as is.

Traditional Drying

We love dryers, and they are amazingly useful and hassle-free to use. However, nature has its way and tempo, therefore, when it comes to drying clothes, it's always best to turn to the traditional hanger. Another convenience - it prevents clothes from wrinkling.

Instructions On the Tag

If someone knows the best of their clothes it's the manufacturer. The tags on your clothes provide information on washing and drying. Various fabrics seel different care. Some fabrics need to be washed in cold cycles or dried on a lower setting.

Separate Clothes

The best approach is to wash dark clothes with other darks, lights with light, whites by themselves.

Freshen Up

If you've barely worn a shirt and it isn't spotted, don't put it in the washer. Simply hang it up to air out. Hanging lets wrinkles drop away and odors disappear.

Salt (Believe It or Not)

The first time you wash a garment, add half a cup of salt. This helps lock in the color, stopping the bleeding that gives it a faded appearance.


One-half cup vinegar in each wash reduces fading and also acts as a fabric softener. The smell goes away in the rinse cycle.

Use Fabric Softener

This lubricates fibers, reducing friction, so they wear more slowly. It delays fading.

If, on the other hand, you feel your clothes fading is because your washer is outdated, you can always replace it with a new one. Check out our wide variety of high-quality washing machines for sale from the world's number one brands, only at