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How to Make Serious Energy-Saving During the Winter With Your Appliances

If you commit to the ways of saving money with your appliance purchasing and usage, you can find various ways that can make your savings much greater than you’ve expected. The absolute way to save some money would be investing in energy-efficient appliances. Besides saving our planet, however we all tend to achieve some personal goals by taking this step, and therefore here are some tips on how to save some energy by using your appliance in just a slightly different way.


Investment means to sometimes spend a little so you can save a lot later. This is the case when it comes to curbing energy use for most refrigerators. Since it comes down to limiting the number of times you open your fridge and freezer doors to preserve the interior temperature, we’d suggest investing in a glass-door model so that you can easily check if you need to add eggs to your shopping list.

If you’re feeling particularly generous toward the heart of your home, you might opt for a smart fridge that comes with an interior camera from which you can have a live look at your refrigerator from your smartphone while you’re at the grocery store!


As you’ve heard before, the best way to save while using your washer is to wash only full loads so your washer would use less water. In addition, we recommend washing clothes in cold water year-round, which could end up saving you around 60 dollars annually. While it is said that some laundry detergents work best in warm water, most of today’s detergents work just as well in cooler water. 

As an added bonus: washing your winter knits in cold water is likely to cause less fraying, meaning you can enjoy your favorite sweater longer.


Reheating doesn’t only have to be performed by a range. It’s advised to use a toaster oven or a microwave to heat up your meals. After all, these countertop appliances use less energy than conventional electric and gas ranges.

And if you’re an impatient baker, we’d like to remind you to keep the oven door closed as you’re waiting for your brownies to be done. The internal temperature can drop by as many as 25 degrees each time you open the door, so just use the oven light to get a good look at your dessert. And if you’re whipping up something delicious on your cooktop, put a lid on it and try to keep it on as much as possible.


If you have a full load of dinnerware to wash, that’s when your dishwasher steps in. Keeping up with saving water, we’d also avoid using the rinse hold setting on your dishwasher, as this feature uses up to 7 times more gallons of hot water per use. 

Plus, did you know that air drying your washed dishes on a rack instead of running them through your dishwasher’s drying cycle can cut your appliance’s energy use by 15–50 percent?


The best way to keep up with energy savings is to clean your dryer lint filter often so your appliance will work more efficiently. The same goes for the tubing. Run the long nozzle of your vacuum cleaner down it to clean out pesky particles that snuck their way past the lint filter.

And of course, air dry whenever possible! While the winter chill and sporadic showers make hanging your laundry outside a hard sell, there are drying racks or vinyl-top tables you can use to sprawl out your damp laundry.

Lastly, remember to use your home energy monitor to help you understand which appliances are using the most electricity, and don’t forget to check out our wide selection of energy-efficient appliances.

Anyhow, your favorite among online appliance retailers has a huge offer of energy-efficient appliances for your lovely home. Visit and ensure efficient performance and energy savings.