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How To Find a Perfect Cooktop

In case you are hassled by questions like whether there are perfect cooktops and which type would be the most suitable for your kitchen, we will try to solve your issues and help you make the right choice. Here's what's important when choosing a cooktop for your kitchen and what you should pay attention to. If you want to save space in your kitchen, cooktops are a great choice. They will help make your place for cooking specialties, they will look more modern and beautiful, and will also provide you with good use of the space in the kitchen, no matter how big it is. You can buy cooktops independently of the oven and therefore adapt everything to your needs.

No matter what type of cooktop you want to buy, you need to have in mind these important factors:

- dimensions,
- size, number of cooking zones,
- features that differ from model to model,
- color.

Although the dimensions are mostly standard, there are small variations, so it's good to know what measures you need. It mainly depends on the size of the space you have on the work surface where you plan to place the cooktop. Additionally, according to your needs, you can decide on different sizes of the cooktop. There are smaller models that have only two cooking zones, like built-in plates with two burners, as well as larger cooktops. They generally have four heating zones and are ideal for larger households and families or they can allow you to cook several different dishes at the same time. Models that can have three or even 4 + 1 cooking zones are rare. If we talk about the usage, it is important to mention that there are more possibilities. Some models are operated mechanically, while with others the sensor control is touch-sensitive.

A slightly more important factor when choosing a suitable cooktop can be additional features that some cooktops have. Whichever cooktop you choose will provide you with the basic conditions for cooking and storing food. However, each of them can have some additional features that can help with cooking. That's why it is good to find out more about them before making a decision. Some of these features can be a cooking field that can be expanded for larger dishes, a timer, integrated ventilation, an option that allows automatic maintenance of boiling, and many others. As for the color, it's interesting that, although cooktops are mostly black or stainless steel, depending on the model, some can be found with white glass, which gives additional options when it comes to fitting into the interior of your kitchen.

Types of Cooktops

There are several types of cooktops available on the market, so your choice will certainly not be easy. There are no big differences, but the features will also have an influence on your final decision.

Glass-ceramic cooktops - Classic flat cooktops with glass-ceramic heating zones.
Induction cooktops - The heating zones of these cooktops are also made of glass-ceramics, but they provide more efficient cooking while saving electricity.
Built-in cooktops - Electric cooktops with burners.
Combined built-in cooktops - These hobs have a combination of gas and electric heating zones.
Built-in gas cooktops - All heating zones of these cooktops are gas.

Glass-ceramic Cooktops

An appliance that will provide your whole family with a smile by making exceptional tasty meals is without a doubt the glass-ceramic cooktop. With it, you can forget about the difficult scrubbing and the dirt that accumulates around burners. The heating zones reach desired temperature faster, which additionally saves your time and gives you more comfort. In terms of safety, these cooktops are great because they have a residual heat indicator, so you can always know when the board is not safe to touch.
The selection of these cooktops is really large, so you can find a variety of brands and models of these appliances, from standard to more advanced. Some of them have exceptional features that provide maximum comfort during cooking: adjustable heating zones for larger or smaller dishes, setting the timer and cooking time, remembering previous settings, pausing the cooking process, and automatic shutdown when something boils.

The range of these features can be wider, so depending on your needs, you can find everything you're looking to find for simple and efficient cooking in one glass-ceramic cooktop.

Induction Cooktops

With an induction cooktop, your meals will be ready faster, with less electricity consumption. And not only that. The most important advantages of these cooktops in comparison to other types are working speed, better security, saving time and electricity, and many more. Chances are slim that any other cooktop will allow you to make coffee in a few minutes. In a few moments, you will be able to enjoy your favorite drink without wasting time. The same amount is needed to boil water or to heat food. Some researches have shown that a gallon of water can boil twice as fast on induction compared to the same amount of water on a ceramic cooktop, which proves how much time it can save you. In addition, the modern technology of these cooktops gives you more safety. The induction cooktop heats only the bottom of the pan and there is no waste of energy with it. More importantly, it stops working as soon as the pan is removed and automatically shuts down even if you forgot to turn it off. All of the above results in saving money and reduced power consumption. They are very easy to maintain, and some of the models also have advanced features such as the Turbo Boost function, for even faster heating at maximum power, or the ability to connect multiple cooking zones. This is extremely useful when it comes to large dishes and preparing larger amounts of food. Most modern and newer dishes suit induction cooktops. We recommend that you first check if the dishes you already have fit this cooktop. If you need to renew your kitchen utensils, today the choice is really great, so you will certainly have no problem finding what you need. You will easily recognize all those dishes that are intended for induction cooktops as they have an inscription or a loop-like mark on the packaging, or at the bottom of the dish. For all those who want to keep at least some of the dishes that do not fit the mentioned type of cooktop, today there are great induction cooktops for non-magnetic dishes. It’s a great solution for all those pots, pans, aluminum cookware, or stainless steel that you could not use on regular induction cooktops. Not only is it convenient, but it’s also very safe to use because they have an insulated handle that prevents the risk of burns. However, the benefits they offer will certainly pay off in the long run, so this kind of investment certainly makes sense.

Electric Cooktops

For all those who like to work practically and economically, electric cooktops are the right choice. They can be found at slightly lower prices compared to other types, and their design will complete your kitchen perfectly. Although for some it’s less modern, for others it’s simply important to enhance your kitchen with the most convenient conditions of a new appliance that will serve them well. As with all other types of cooktops, you can choose the size and dimensions, but what you should pay special attention to are the burners. For some models, they are standard, for some others they are quick burners, and some models have both. The advantage of quick burners is their faster heating, which contributes to a bit faster cooking compared to the standard ones. Quick burners will be easy to find as they’re marked with a red circle, so at a first glance, you will know what kind of burners the cooktop you’re looking at has.

Combined Cooktops

If you want to have more options when it comes to cooking, combined cooktops are the right solution for that. If you don’t want to consume electricity or your dishes require preparation, there are gas burners, and when it’s easier for you to save on electricity, you can do that.
It’s interesting that the combined built-in cooktop can be found in two different options. What they have in common are gas burners, while the zones that run on electricity can be different Of course, their appearance varies, as well as the whole design. Therefore, cooktops with standard stainless steel burners are combined, while the models with flat heating zones are in fact glass-ceramic plates. With these cooktops, the control is mostly mechanical, which should not be seen as a flaw but as a practical solution for such models.

Gas Cooktops

For some, cooking food on gas cooktops is a real experience. They choose some of these models because they connect them with all those famous chefs on television that we can see. Gas cooktops are ar very simple to handle, easy to use, and regulate heat to find the ideal temperature for the preparation of various foods. These cooktops can also be made of glass-ceramic, stainless steel, and tempered glass. There are larger and smaller models, so the offer is very big. What should always be taken into account is safety. When choosing, pay attention to whether the selected model has fuses that prevent gas leaks, as well as all other details: whether all cooking zones can be used at the same time, what is the power of the burner, and are they stable enough. All this can contribute to more practical and safer food preparation.

If you're looking to enhance your cooking experience by upgrading your kitchen with some of these cooktops for sale, can offer a wide selection of models with various features and possibilities. If you need any additional assistance picking a perfect cooktop, feel free to contact our highly professional staff for help.