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How To Choose A Portable Air Conditioner?

Since we’re at the beginning of spring, and in the past few years the temperature changes throughout the year come pretty quickly, all of us are thinking about our upcoming cooling needs. Not every household is suitable for regular air conditioners, therefore, portable air conditioners are a great solution to this issue and we’re here to provide an ultimate guide for you to secure cool and comfortable surroundings within your home. 

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Portable air conditioners remove the heat from the room by pulling the warm air into the system and then fill the room with dry and cool air. They feature a built-in thermostat ensures the set temperature in your room is consistently maintained. Due to its more compact size and one-directional airflow, a portable air conditioner works most efficiently in its immediate area. Your family room or bedroom, for example, is ideally sized for a portable air-con. You’ll need a standard power point nearby, a window or exhaust to vent to, and your hassle stops there.


Every portable air conditioner comes with an installation guide, and this process is very easy, and well explained for everyone to follow. Portable units are installed by simply attaching the exhaust hose to the air con and fixing the other end to your window or other exhaust point. Every portable unit comes packaged with its own venting kit and the basic tools required for installation. Like other air conditioners, a portable unit needs to release the warm, stuffy heat and humidity from your home somehow. Window-venting is generally the most common and convenient method of ventilation, but a portable air conditioner can also be vented through a ceiling exhaust, sliding door, or wall exhaust. Because it does require an exhaust, the portable unit can go as far as the flexible exhaust hose allows.

Perfect Choice

When it comes to choosing a perfect system for your home, the most important thing is to purchase the right capacity air conditioner. You want an air conditioner that is powerful enough for your specific needs, but won’t end up costing you a fortune on your power bill. Always make sure to ask your appliance retailer for help regarding purchasing the right air conditioner size for your home, to secure it’s efficient and 100% functionality in air cooling. If you’re looking to cool a room of 650 square feet or more, we recommend using a fan to help circulate the cooled air more effectively. Portable air conditioners are generally safe. You do need to ensure however that you have some clearance around the unit. A portable air conditioner features a compressor motor and a fan, so it will make some sound while running. Factors like fan speed and decibel rating will make a difference, but on the whole they’re designed to be suitable for small spaces. 

Therefore, after all, it’s absolutely the matter of your space which size or a model of portable air conditioner you will pick. In this case, as we’ve mentioned above, make sure to take the advice of your retailer. Our Customer Service is always here to help you make the right choice based on your preferences, and their years of experience and knowledge.