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Get to Know the Global Shopping Phenomenon - Black Friday

If you are interested in when Black Friday is, how long it lasts, and why it is called that, below are some interesting facts that will reveal this phenomenon to you in a completely new light. Of course, as the sales are what makes this day universally popular, we also bring useful tips on how to make the most of them and enjoy shopping during this holiday.

But before that, let's scratch a little history of today's most popular shopping day.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a world-famous consumer fever, with huge sales and opportunities to buy at lower prices. Merchants compete to have better offers and attract more customers. Accordingly, the sales are quite tempting. In the United States, where Black Friday originates, it's not unusual for stores to open at midnight. It's also a regular phenomenon that people camp in tents in front of shopping centers in order to ensure their entrance. All this may seem brutal, but imagine that someone "right under your nose" takes the last of the latest refrigerator on sale, for which you have been saving for months. Black Friday sales are advertised and announced as the biggest ones of the year, and retailers spend months preparing for the rush of customers. In the US, which is the birthplace of Black Friday, this day is characterized by mass hysteria, crowds, and often physical confrontations. However...

When is Black Friday 2022?

The date reserved for the biggest sales in 2022 is November 25th. As Black Friday is globally accepted on the day after Thanksgiving, people from different continents enjoy the biggest shopping holiday at the same time. Every year for Black Friday, prepares a great offer where there's something for everyone. Don't miss the opportunity to get the new appliances you want at fantastic offers.

Where Does the Name "Black Friday" Come From?

The name Black Friday is quite a mystery. Although it's used as a synonym for sales, there are several theories about how it became what it is today. And each of them is equally interesting. Initially, Black Friday was associated with two stock market crashes. The first took place in 1869, and the second in 1929, and it turned out to be on a Thursday. Both resulted in a financial crisis and the bankruptcy of many people. The connection to these events gives Black Friday a different connotation than it has today. The official name Black Friday was first published in print media in 1966 in the magazine "The American Philatelist". Philadelphia police officers used it to describe the incredible traffic jams and collapses caused by the large numbers of people who flocked to department stores after Thanksgiving for the start of the holiday sale season.

Regardless of the origin of the term, one thing is certain - Black Friday is not black at all for shoppers around the world. Or maybe it is?

When Did Black Friday Originate?

As a phenomenon of big sales, Black Friday originated in the US in the middle of the twentieth century. During that period, traders felt that the Friday after Thanksgiving was an ideal opportunity to increase their profits. In the 1950s, on that day people reported to their employers that they were sick, in order to ensure four days of rest and start holiday shopping. Therefore, as Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, US citizens are only separated from the extended weekend by Friday, which is a working day. So, for many working Americans, Black Friday has been declared a non-working day. A great opportunity to spend time with the family and enjoy shopping all day long.

How Did Black Friday Become What It Is Today?

As a day that makes significant increases in profits, Black Friday has a positive impact on the economy. In recent years, as this phenomenon spreads around the world and becomes more and more popular, Black Friday has had a great effect on other branches of the economy. Large advertising campaigns that follow and announce the biggest sales of the year and the need to hire additional labor also have a positive economic effect. The importance of the profits that Black Friday brings is best illustrated by the fact that in 1941. when the United States Congress passed a law that "fixed" Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. Before this law, the mentioned holiday was on the last Thursday in November. If November had five Thursdays, the sales season would be shorter and profits would be lower. Because of this, the trade lobby exerted pressure and ensured that the season of holiday sales lasts longer. As shopping on sale is certainly a favorite among consumers, Black Friday, without a doubt, ensures its position as a global phenomenon.

In a world that's rapidly changing, innovations are every day and in a few years, Black Friday may look much different. However, the main thing that sets it apart from other holidays, huge sales, will definitely remain its trademark.

How Long is the Black Friday Extravagance?

Black Friday generally lasts one day. However, in recent years there's been a practice of extending Black Friday sales to the entire weekend. Some retailers offer special promotions throughout the entire month of November with the conclusion on the date of the actual Black Friday. Since shopping trends and consumer habits are changing rapidly, retailers keep up with the latest trends and extend their special offers to online shopping as well.

Cyber Monday - Shopping Fever Moves Online

As Black Friday traditionally refers to shopping in department stores and shopping centers, online retailers have created its sibling holiday in the form of Cyber Monday.  

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and it's reserved for the biggest sales and best deals in the world of online shopping. Although far less well-known than Black Friday, Cyber Monday, due to the growing trend of online shopping, is aiming to fight for its place in the global shopping industry.

Does Black Friday Exist In Other Countries?

Shopping fever is spreading quickly around the world. Many countries have embraced this tradition and enjoy it more and more, so we have had Black Friday in almost the whole world for several years now. In some countries, there is also an offer of special touristic journeys that offer the possibility of shopping in famous world shopping destinations on this very day.

What Can You Buy on Black Friday?

At special offers for Black Friday, you can buy almost everything - wardrobe, shoes, jewelry, tourist packages, and of course, in our case - appliances. However, perhaps the real question is: What do you want to buy on Black Friday? A smart choice is definitely to use the day of the biggest sales to buy more valuable and expensive things, such as furniture and appliances. Plan smart, invest in your comfort, and take advantage of the opportunity to save some significant amounts. A wide range of offers and big sales make Black Friday ideal for buying holiday gifts for loved ones. Save yourself the stress of looking for last-minute gifts. Not to mention the frustration when you buy something inappropriate because you have no choice. Get ready on time and let the Black Friday fever be your pleasure.

Here are some suggestions that will make your shopping easier:

  • Make a list
  • Prioritize
  • Listen to dear people - you might hear some helpful hint
  • Set a budget - rough limits will certainly contribute to better planning
  • Buy smart and treat yourself to new experiences

You may also treat yourself to a nice holiday trip, dance lessons, or enroll in a language course. Surely there is something for which you have been waiting for the perfect moment for a long time, so think well and go in that direction.

Use the opportunity and relieve your budget by shopping on sale and enjoying Black Friday and Cyber Monday at