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Dryer Maintenance Tips: What Homeowners Need To Know

Dryer Maintenance Tips: What Homeowners Need To Know
Dryer Maintenance Tips: What Homeowners Need To Know

Finding out your dryer has broken down can be a real bummer. You might have just put a bunch of clothes in the washer that now has to stay completely soaked and fork out some cash to have a repair person come out to inspect it.

There are some steps you can take, though, to help prevent breakdowns and other issues. Here are some dryer maintenance tips that go over what homeowners need to know.

Always Clean the Lint Filter

You must clear out the lint filter after each load of laundry. When your screen becomes blocked with a heavy coating of lint, the dryer will have to work harder to complete its cycle. This will increase your energy expenses and put added wear and tear on your machine. Because dryers reach high temperatures and lint is highly combustible, there's a chance yours may catch fire when the lint builds up.

Make Sure It's Properly Installed

Make sure you have your dryer professionally fitted and serviced. Read the handbook that comes with it to see if things like electrical plugs will fit in your outlet or that you have proper drainage. Have a professional evaluated a gas dryer to ensure that the gas line and hookups work well. They’ll also check that there are no leaks.

Clean Your Exhaust Vent

Once every two years, you’ll need to clean the exhaust vent on the back of your machine. Remove the vent from the dryer's backside. Then, clear out any lint from the hose and the dryer's back. Wipe clean the surface around the dryer as well to keep it lint-free. This is also important to prevent potential fires and ensure your dryer works effectively.

Don't Overload the Machine

You'll waste energy, and your clothes will take considerably longer to dry if you overload the dryer. When you pack too many clothes into the dryer, there's not enough room for air to circulate inside. Having space for air is what helps dry your clothes. The machine has to work much harder when you fill it too much. As a result, the motor will experience significant strain until it eventually burns out.

When you're in the market for a new machine, Town Appliance has electric clothes dryers for sale that are easy to install. With these dryer maintenance tips that homeowners need to know, you can help ensure that your dryer functions for a long time. We have a wide variety of appliances to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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