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How Much Energy Does Your Dryer Use per Year?

How Much Energy Does Your Dryer Use per Year?

If you have a dryer, it’s important to break down the costs of owning it. Buying an electric dryer isn’t a short-term investment. You’ll need to shell out money over time for energy, water, and maintenance costs. Here, we’ll analyze the first part of the equation—energy—to determine how much it’ll cost you to power your dryer and how you can save money in the long run and cut energy costs. Learn more about how much energy your dryer uses per year below.

How Much Energy Does It Use?

Let’s get down to business. On average, considering all cycle configurations and loads, electric clothing dryers use about 1700–5100 watts of energy. By calculating how much energy your dryer uses, you can better monitor the outlook of your laundry routine and make necessary changes. Let’s learn how to calculate how much energy your dryer uses per year. 

Learn To Calculate Your Usage

To determine how much your dryer is costing you, first, take the dryer’s wattage—its kHh would be in the manufacturer’s manual—and divide this number by 1,000. Multiply that by the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity in the city you live in. If your drying cycle takes an hour or so, take that into account with your energy consumption costs on a one-load basis. After that, you’ll know how much your dryer costs you personally. What do you do if your energy consumption is on the higher end of the energy scale or even above 5100 watts? You can make some changes before buying your dryer and after you have one.

How To Save Money

When buying a dryer, one of the first things you should look for is an Energy Star seal. If you can’t find one, ask the salesperson you’re talking to if it’s Energy Star certified, or check the “description” section online for the dryer. Overall, Energy Star models use much less energy. You might also consider a ventless dryer. These dryers don’t hook up to an exhaust pipe, and they use less energy.

To save energy and money while using your dryer, you should also dry as many clothes as possible without overloading the dryer. Doing one big load rather than six little ones throughout the day will help you avoid a high energy bill.

That’s a rundown of how to save money with your dryer. If you want to buy an electric dryer, you can purchase one here at Town Appliance! Shop Town Appliance today!