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Choosing the Right Range Hood

Choosing the Right Range Hood

Your range hood plays an influential role in defining your kitchen aesthetic.

It's, therefore, vitally important to consider the impact of various design options on the cabinetry layout and overall look of the space. This article provides an information of the types available  on the market and how they might fit into your design considerations.

Undercounter Range Hoods

Undercounter range hoods (or "under cupboard" range hoods) are designed to seamlessly integrate with a minimalist design aesthetic. Built into the kitchen cabinetry, they are increasingly popular for their ability to blend almost invisibly into a renovation. Retractable varieties are available and can provide a simple, cost-effective and compact solution - perfect for apartment living.

Canopy Range Hoods

These can turn your cooking area into an eye-catching focal point of your kitchen, being installed against a wall and over your cooktop. This type of range hood has no kitchen cabinetry above it, with the ducting hidden by a covering (often made from stainless steel) which can have a more bold style.

The trend toward minimalism might be on the ascendancy, but if you're looking to make a grand statement, and enjoying superb performance - this is your go-to choice.

Island Hoods

These range hoods are designed to provide effective air extraction to island kitchen benches and other applications away from the wall. The island configuration is an ever-popular trend, opening up the kitchen and creating a space where people can congregate.

Downdraft Hoods

These are another fantastic option for a designer kitchen employing a minimalist aesthetic. Downdraft systems are an innovative alternative to traditional range hoods: sleek and discreet, yet very effective.

These unique appliances are positioned at the back of the cooktop, remaining out of sight until activated, when they rise into place to draw fumes from the kitchen, pushing them downwards to be expelled via ducting.

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