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Where’s the Best Place for Your Wall Oven?

When designing and equipping the kitchen, functionality and practicality often take priority. An important role in the organization of the kitchen is played by the layout of kitchen elements, but also the number of choices of materials.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to organize your kitchen space, where we will emphasize efficiency and aesthetics.

Built-in cooktops are more practical than a range for several reasons. They can be installed independently from the oven, which is convenient as they are more practical independent from the device. If one malfunctions, you can use the other one without any problems.The kitchen must be very practical, because it's where you prepare meals, dine, socialize and spend a lot of time, therefore, make sure to find the right place for a wall oven in your kitchen.

Working Triangle

Certain appliances in the kitchen are placed against the wall, often away from windows, allowing enough space so that the doors of major appliances can be opened without interferingwith the flow and layout of the kitchen. The working triangle in the kitchen consists of a refrigerator, a range or a built-in cooktop, an oven, and a sink. Pay attention to the layout of the refrigerator, sink, oven, and built-in cooktops. Most kitchens have the oven located under or next to the built-in cooktop.

Custom Oven

Before making a decision on what kind of oven you want, ask yourself these questions. What will you use it for, how often,and what are your expectations for it? At, we offer an excellent selection at great prices, and different models for everyone's needs. We offer both regular and smart ovens with advanced features.


You must have enough space to accommodate the built-in oven in the kitchen element. Since it focuses on preparing and heatingfood, don't place it near objects or appliances that cool, like the refrigerator. Although the outside of the oven generates much lower heat compared to its interior, be careful where you place the appliance, as the wall coverings, cabinets and counters around the oven must withstand certain temperatures.

Is it Safe to Install an Oven in a Wooden Cabinet?

It is. You will save space in the kitchen, and it will look clean, elegant and beautiful. Everything is practical and within reach. You can put dishes in the upper part of the cabinetry and everything will be close to you.

Standard Dimensions

Most built-in ovens have standard dimensions of 24 inches, and most openings in the kitchen cabinetry are sized accordingly to facilitate installation. For example, the oven can be placed in the opening easily, and is independent of the manufacturer of the kitchen unit. If your kitchen is small, a smaller oven that will fit into an 18 inches opening will work perfectly for your needs.

Think Electrical Plugs

Pay attention to the plugs in your home and the power cords that come with your appliances. For more space, it's recommended to place the plug vertically. In the instructions or on the plate inside the oven, check whether they have a resistance in watts for maximum absorption of the oven. You will also need ventilation. When installing the oven, make sure that there is sufficient air flow.


If you choose to place the oven under the counter, it will not take up work space. The only downside is that you will have to constantly bend down to take the prepared meals out of the oven. Wall ovens are popular and very practical. They can be stacked next to each other or on top of each other. The downside is that you will lose storage space. The corners of the kitchen are a great place to install the oven. That extra space will make the corner oven seem less bulky and look nice. After learning about the types and functions of wall ovens, it's time to identify what is important to you and what you want from your oven. When you determine the following items, you will easily find a model that is perfect for your kitchen. 


Are the standard dimensions of built-in ovens suitable, or woulda larger capacity oven better fit your needs? In accordance with the amount of food you plan to prepare, as well as the space you have at your disposal, determine whether a standard or large built-in oven would work, or a wall oven of smaller dimensions would be the right choice for you.

Method of Food Preparation

Conventional, multifunctional, steam oven or perhaps a combination? If your budget allows and you don't plan to prepare food exclusively with steam, a multifunctional built-in oven is an excellent solution that will save you time and enable perfect baking results, no matter what you prepare.


Choose a model with the functions you think you will use most often. For greater comfort of use, choose one of the smart models for simpler management and a process that is maximally adapted to you. 


Once you have defined all the features that are important to you, all that remains is to find the best model within your budget. Determine how much you plan to invest in your new oven and start looking. A large selection of models with different characteristics, as well as manufacturers, brings in great opportunities when it comes to adjusting your needs and budget. Once you clearly define your criteria, you will be able to find a great built-in oven for your kitchen relatively easily. Once you have all of these factors figured out, we invite you to visit and find your next wall oven of choice at great prices.