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Things To Consider About Fitting Your New Appliance into Your Household

What about your narrow doorways?
Don’t make the common mistake of purchasing an appliance that won't fit into its' space. And, don’t forget the hallway, banisters, steps, and the front entrance. You don’t want the delivery people getting it stuck against the ceiling or doorway or wedged in the stairway or jammed in a hallway that has a sharp turn then won’t allow the appliance to get through. Make a list of all the angles and dimensions of the places that the appliance will have to pass through so that you are not a victim of just such a horror story.

Check the Door:

Make sure that the fridge will open in the right direction and that when you open that large door, you won’t be blocking traffic in your kitchen. And, check to see how hard it is to open that door. It may be energy efficient but you still want to be able to open the fridge with one hand.

How Does it Sound?

Always check how noisy that appliance is. If you just have to have that commercial range hood, make sure it isn’t going to give you a headache.

What about Special Installation Instructions?

Does your professional range need a special exhaust system/hood? How are you going to vent that large capacity dryer? Determine all the extras before you are ready to buy.