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Buying a Microwave


Countertop versions can be placed anywhere and over the range, models save space and often come with lights and exhaust fans so they double as vent hoods. A new trend is the wall microwave that is installed directly into the cabinetry.



Because they work so quickly, microwaves use two-thirds of the energy of standard ovens. And, they release little heat so that your kitchen stays cooler and the air conditioning bills are lower. Power is measured by wattage. The higher the power the more quickly you can cook your food. If you are just using your microwave for reheating then 600 watts would be sufficient. But to prepare meals, choose something between 900 – 1300 watts. If you want to use your microwave as a second oven and want very fast cooking time, look into a convection microwave. It comes with a heating element and a fan that circulates the air and is perfect for baking, grilling and browning more quickly than a regular oven.



Look for turntables that rotate automatically to have your food cooked evenly. These can also be easily removed for quick cleaning. Ovens with sensors will shut the microwave off when the food is done by calculating how much steam the food is emitting. This will prevent under or overcooked meals. Childproof doors are a plus. They have door lock which can be activated by the keypad to prevent children from opening the oven and touching the cookware that can get super-hot.