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Forzacucina FR488GN 48" Professional Gas Range

Forzacucina FR488GN 48" Professional Gas Range

The Forza 48-Inch Professional Gas Range Is The World'S First 48-Inch Single Cavity Oven. Spannin... Read more...



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  • Installation and Removal


    When Will I Get My Order?


    Forzacucina FR488GN 48
    Forzacucina FR488GN 48" Professional Gas Range

    High Power Burners

    With 8 high-powered burners including four dual-flame burners that range from 685 BTU to 20,000 BTU and four from 2,200 to 12,000 BTU burners, this range gives you the precise heat control necessary to create masterful meals

    MassimoBlu™ Hyper Double Broiler

    Spanning a total width of 38 inches, the blue flame of the 18,000 BTU Hyper Double Broiler outperforms traditional infrared broilers evenly distributing heat to give you consistent, top chef results


    The 33" rotisserie rod and high-powered motor can hold the largest of meats and brings outdoor BBQ technology direct to your kitchen

    Speed Heat

    This range goes from 0 to 400-degrees in 8 minutes and reaches the max temperature of 536 degrees in 20 minutes to give you more time cooking and less time waiting for the engine to warmup

    Bake Burner

    The 19,000 BTU bake burner gives you control to bake delicate breads and pastries and the power to roast your next holiday feast

    Dual Fan

    The dual fan was designed to give you maximum convection and heat distribution while cooking, baking and heating your dishes

    World's First 48" Single Oven Cavity

    Boasting a 7.8 cu. ft. oven capacity, the extraordinary oven spans a jaw-dropping 40" wide and can fit two turkeys, or a full goat, lamb or pig with ease. The oven can fit multiple commercial cooking trays on a single rack giving your home kitchen the output of a five star restaurant

    Infinito™ Grate System

    Radically designed with edge-to-edge cast iron grates and integrated bullnose, only Forza offers the largest continuous usable cooking surface for max efficiency while in the kitchen

    Cooking Versatility

    The oven is equipped with 6 rack levels and includes 1 telescopic glide rack, 1 extra-large stainless steel tray and 2 wire shelves giving you the flexibility to customize the oven to your cooking needs

    Full Inner Glass Door

    The uniquely shaped, full inner glass window is designed to be removed by hand for easy cleaning

    Soft Close Door

    The oven door closes gently to protect your exquisite soufflé and give you peace-of-mind while you're racing around the kitchen

    Black Porcelain Spill Tray

    A luxurious touch for the range top that emphasizes the brass burners and makes cleanup simple

    The Forza 48-Inch Professional Gas Range Is The World'S First 48-Inch Single Cavity Oven. Spanning 40-Inches Wide, It Is Radically Designed With 8 High-Powered Burners Including Four Dual-Flame Burners That Range From 685 Btu To 20,000 Btu And Four From 2,200 To 12,000 Btu Burners. Equipped With Forza'S Proprietary Massimoblu™ Hyper Double Broiler, Maxrotisserie Accessory And The Infinito™ Grate System, This Range Is A Dynamic Force For Any Kitchen And Elevates The Cooking Experience. High Power Burners With 8 High-Powered Burners Including Four Dual-Flame Burners That Range From 685 Btu To 20,000 Btu And Four From 2,200 To 12,000 Btu Burners, This Range Gives You The Precise Heat Control Necessary To Create Masterful Meals Massimoblu™ Hyper Double Broiler Spanning A Total Width Of 38 Inches, The Blue Flame Of The 18,000 Btu Hyper Double Broiler Outperforms Traditional Infrared Broilers Evenly Distributing Heat To Give You Consistent, Top Chef Results Maxrotisserie The 33" Rotisserie Rod And High-Powered Motor Can Hold The Largest Of Meats And Brings Outdoor Bbq Technology Direct To Your Kitchen Speed Heat This Range Goes From 0 To 400-Degrees In 8 Minutes And Reaches The Max Temperature Of 536 Degrees In 20 Minutes To Give You More Time Cooking And Less Time Waiting For The Engine To Warmup Bake Burner The 19,000 Btu Bake Burner Gives You Control To Bake Delicate Breads And Pastries And The Power To Roast Your Next Holiday Feast Dual Fan The Dual Fan Was Designed To Give You Maximum Convection And Heat Distribution While Cooking, Baking And Heating Your Dishes World'S First 48" Single Oven Cavity Boasting A 7.8 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity, The Extraordinary Oven Spans A Jaw-Dropping 40" Wide And Can Fit Two Turkeys, Or A Full Goat, Lamb Or Pig With Ease. The Oven Can Fit Multiple Commercial Cooking Trays On A Single Rack Giving Your Home Kitchen The Output Of A Five Star Restaurant Infinito™ Grate System Radically Designed With Edge-To-Edge Cast Iron Grates And Integrated Bullnose, Only Forza Offers The Largest Continuous Usable Cooking Surface For Max Efficiency While In The Kitchen Cooking Versatility The Oven Is Equipped With 6 Rack Levels And Includes 1 Telescopic Glide Rack, 1 Extra-Large Stainless Steel Tray And 2 Wire Shelves Giving You The Flexibility To Customize The Oven To Your Cooking Needs Full Inner Glass Door The Uniquely Shaped, Full Inner Glass Window Is Designed To Be Removed By Hand For Easy Cleaning Soft Close Door The Oven Door Closes Gently To Protect Your Exquisite Soufflé And Give You Peace-Of-Mind While You'Re Racing Around The Kitchen Black Porcelain Spill Tray A Luxurious Touch For The Range Top That Emphasizes The Brass Burners And Makes Cleanup Simple

      Model No FR488GN
      Dimensions 47 3/4 / H 37 1/4 - 38 1/4 / D 27 1/2
      Finish Stainless Steel
      Fuel Type Gas
      Front Burners 20,000 BTU Full Brass Dual Burners with a 685 BTU Simmer Function
      Rear Burners 12,000 BTU Full Brass Burners
      All burners are equipped with a thermocouple safety device
      One-hand ignition (spark) for the best reliability in any conditions across the time
      7.8 cu. ft.
      Width 47 3/4
      Height 37 1/4 - 38 1/4
      Depth 27 1/2

      Forza 48