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Wolf vs. BlueStar Residential Ranges

Wolf vs. BlueStar Residential Ranges
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Both professional chefs and home cooking masters require nothing less but top-notch cooking appliances to make sure their lovely dishes come out perfect. This preference is long known among the appliance manufacturers on the market since the first cooker, and all the top brands worldwide are racing towards the new, innovative, and most convenient appliance for both residential or commercial use. 

All of these brands stand out with some of their appliances' features, and today, we'd like to take a closer look at the two of them, very close to each other in terms of both style and quality. These are BlueStar and Wolf. And let's have a look at how this battle will turn out.

In this article, we will walk you through all the features of BlueStar vs. Wolf residential ranges so that you know which one will be the perfect addition to your new and enhanced kitchen. 

Family Companies

Both companies are family businesses, both settled in the US, and offer an extremely wide range of great appliances for the kitchen. Ovens, ranges, cooktops, whatever your cooking desire is, their appliances are sure to satisfy you.

As both brands share a great similarity in the features of their appliances it's our job as your trusted family retailer, to reach out to the details and give your information on what are both pros and cons, as well as the differences between the products of these brands.


As we’ve stated before, Wolf is one of the world's top suppliers of kitchen appliances. Therefore, we expect nothing but great from Wolf and they sure offer great.

When it comes to colors of Wolf ranges, they’ve managed to ease your job of choosing the best range style for your kitchen design as they offer ranges in red, black, and white color, besides standard modern stainless steel. If we talk about burners, there are Wolf ranges of various sizes, therefore, various burners, which provide extra convenience for both your cooking preferences and space available. Their burners put out between 9.000 and 15.000 BTUs.

Now, regarding Wolf ovens, they are heated by an oven burner at approximately 30.000 BTUs and an oven broiler of around 18.000 BTUs. They all come with a halogen interior light for a better view inside the oven.

Which conveniences do these ranges offer?

  • Wider temperatures range from the hottest to the lowest
  • Large oven capacity
  • Convection cooking
  • Better crisping when baking food
  • Spark ignition with reignition system
  • Light cleaning without the need to fully disassemble the burner.


Similarity to Wolf in style and quality is one of the characteristics of BlueStar when it comes to ranges. They offer a vast array of restaurant-style cooking ranges, hoods, water heaters, stove stops, and heating units. Plus, they’ve proven to be among the best in the business.

One of the differences we’re looking for is that many BlueStar ranges are offered in customized colors. This means that a customer can pick from a great variety of nuances and colors to match their planned kitchen design perfectly. Besides these, they’re offered in various metal colors, jewel tones, and more.

For newer models, developed since 2016, BlueStar implemented a porcelain-enamel coating over their patented Ultranova cast iron open burners. Their range burners are rated from 9.000 to 22.000 BTUs. Regarding their size, BlueStar and Wolf share the same cooktop of an approximate 30” for most of the residential models.

As for the oven, BlueStar also has a broiler that runs at 15,000 BTUs and a large oven burner that runs at 30,000 BTUs. 

These are some of the conveniences of BlueStar ranges:

  • Multiple integrate cooktop options including griddles, char broilers, and French tops
  • Enlarged capacity convection oven
  • Infrared interior broiler for better crisping when baking

Note that BlueStar ranges require slightly more difficult maintenance as there’s a need to wipe and clean much more often than Wolf ranges.


As for the price, the top-selling range models from Wolf are offered at an average retail price of $5500. On the other hand, BlueStar's top-selling models can be found at an approximate $5400, which, therefore, makes only a minor difference.

Wolf vs. BlueStar?

It’s almost a tie, but it depends on what are your most important characteristics and factors when purchasing a new range. BlueStar burners are definitely stronger, but on the other hand, Wolf is much simpler for maintenance. There’s only a $100 difference in their average retail price. When spoken of cooking conveniences Wolf seems to be offering more, however, it would be easier to fit BlueStar custom design into your kitchen.

Therefore, we have to agree that their similarity is the real winner of this battle, so when the time comes for you to buy a new range for your home, think of the features and conveniences that you will need the most, and then this article will be proved most helpful. Meanwhile, check out our large selection of kitchen ranges for sale. Visit our nearby showroom or shop online at Townappliance.com

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