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Why Buy Wolf & Sub-Zero Appliances?

Your cooking experience depends a lot on the quality of the appliances you own. Besides knowledge, practice, cookware, and your own goodwill for cooking, appliances not only need to perform their tasks efficiently, but they, also, need to look stylish and contemporary so one would feel nice and positive in working surrounding - in this case, the kitchen. Manufacturers from the appliance industry do an extremely thorough job in creating innovations to fulfill our demands in both terms of quality and design.
These innovations, high quality, luxury, and stylish appearance are what Sub-Zero and Wolf are known for worldwide.
Two brands strongly and continuously follow the evolution process in developing technology that will add maximum efficiency and style to each household. For these reasons, we would like to give you more detailed information on why we think Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances may be just what you need.


Wolf produces top-notch cooking appliances and in this field, they are among the kings of the appliance industry. Their vast array of appliances consists of cooktops, ranges, ovens, warming drawers, ventilation hoods, and barbeque grills. Cooking with these appliances makes a master chef even out of those with the least cooking experience. It doesn't really matter if you're preparing the most challenging meal out there or just macaroni and cheese, it will come out perfectly. These appliances give everyone confidence to be able to achieve anything a chef can imagine.

Wolf appliances come with some quite amazing and, in some cases, very authentic features that provide much more convenience to a user. When it comes to ranges and ovens, Wolf includes an internal temperature probe, convection cooking as well as a high-efficiency self-cleaning feature. Some of their warming drawers are equipped with a hidden control panel that gives an appliance a smooth modern look while the electronic touch controls are at your disposal as soon as the drawer is opened. Plus, Wolf ventilation hoods give you multiple options on the fan speed so you can set the desired function according to your cooking method, from low to extremely powerful.

Wolf takes care of their appliances' performance most of all, but one can never underestimate their look. Most Wolf appliances come in amazing and durable stainless steel which always gives a modern look to a kitchen. Plus, these appliance finishes have proven to be fingerprint-resistant which will make no huge hassle cleaning them. Wolf is also known for one of their most recognizable details - red knobs on ranges, which provide just a hint of drama in the rest of the sleek and smooth stainless steel look. Besides providing perfect ventilation, their hoods are designed to serve as a modern addition to any new-age kitchen interior. Therefore with Wolf appliances, you'll be sure to have an amazing cooking experience, while being sure it all looks great.


Logic would say that hot and cold could never go together well, but in the case of Wolf and Sub-Zero, they make a great team where one always depends on the other, and they do their job flawlessly. Refrigeration is and always has been their main focus and they've managed to turn refrigeration into a work of art in many ways. Sub-Zero continuously evolves and searches for new and innovative refrigeration solutions and that makes them stay among the leading brands in the industry. Their huge selection of appliances includes refrigerators, wine coolers, ice makers, and more, and this dedication to a single field of interest, helps them remain the ultimate specialists so no Sub-Zero appliance would be a wrong choice. Additionally, many consumer reports state that the average lifespan of these appliances goes up to 20 years.

As Sub-Zero takes one of the top places on the refrigeration appliances market, you'll be sure of perfect preservation and your food being fresh for much longer. Besides standard refrigerator features, Sub-Zero is proud of their electronic microprocessor that controls multiple processes within the appliance. What this device does is a constant monitoring of the appliance interior that helps to provide perfect conditions for food stored inside. Also, thanks to the microprocessor, you'll get the advanced temperature control throughout the whole unit, while your refrigerator will be safe from any air leaks which makes it very energy-efficient. Additionally, Sub-Zero wine coolers and beverage centers include a UV-resistant glass door that will prevent your wine and other drinks from aging by protecting them from additional rays of light.

Sub-Zero is known for their built-in appliances, so what you get with this purchase is surely a smooth, clean and modern look. These appliances are thoroughly made to seamlessly fit into your cabinetry it will seem like you've got a custom-made appliance. Sub-Zero refrigerators, wine coolers, beverage centers, and undercounter refrigerators give you multiple options when it comes to their integration, so when in the process of designing your kitchen, you'll have the chance to express yourself artistically as much as you like.

If you're persuaded you by this information, we hope you'll be very happy with your Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances for a very long time, as it's expected from them. If you need any additional information, feel free to reach out to our professionals for help with these high-quality appliances, and make sure to check out a huge selection of Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances that we carry at