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Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ Product Review

As several reviews have rated this dishwasher the best on the market, this appliance will certainly meet all your requirements no matter the situation. Many compare this dishwasher to even the ones from luxurious brands like Bosch and with its reviews, its performance is surely much better than regular mid-range dishwashers. In this article, we will explain why this is the fact.

Efficient Loading

Efficient dishwashing doesn't depend on the quality of a dishwasher only, but on the loading also. A very useful addition to this dishwasher is the third rack intended for silverware and longer utensils. Not only this rack provides extra space for these smaller items but it, also, gives you a chance to expand the loading capacity of larger dishes like big pots and pans. To achieve this, one can simply remove the silverware basket and use the space to fit some larger items. Additionally, as the middle rack is adjustable and there are many folding tines where all of these help load with taller items like bottles and similar.

Multiple Options for the Heaviest Loads

A very thorough cleaning is guaranteed with this dishwasher, no matter how you decide to load it. This dishwasher uses soil sensors that detect how dirty your dishes are and adjusts washing time and temperature. This smart washing is available with a Sensor Cycle. Besides this option, you can choose from quick-wash, normal or heavy, as well as soak and clean cycles that will thoroughly clean any type of load at any condition of your dishes. Along with these washing cycles comes a heated dry option that finishes the process by getting your dishes ready for another use or placing them back into the cabinetry immediately. This option uses high temperatures to convert leftover water on the dishes to steam. The steam will much easier be removed from the surface of the dishes. A stainless steel tub will, also, help this process.
Plus, all these cycles and modes are quite energy saving, which is proven by the Energy Star certification of this Whirlpool dishwasher, which will make sure you don't spend a fortune on running daily choirs.

Features and Conveniences

Another great thing about all Whirlpool appliances is the utility in terms of design, which is the case with this dishwasher also. The handle design of this Whirlpool washer reduces the chance of getting the stainless steel dirty. Also, the towel bar handle is very sleek. According to multiple testing of a stainless steel finish on this model, even the attempts to smudge the surface made on purpose would fail. With this fact, it's needless to say that this finish is also fingerprint-resistant. This is one of the most helpful facts, especially for families with small children and their (sometimes) sticky fingers or households with pets that may leave scratches or smudges from wet noses.

You may find a few reviews of this model saying it takes a longer time than usual for the cycle to finish, but most of the users tend to choose the overnight cycle option. However, if you intend to take your dishwashing to the next level with extra convenience you may want to think about Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ as one of the best models in its range. If you need some additional information on this or any other appliance our highly professional customer service is always at your disposal at