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Which Size Wall Oven Is Best for Your Kitchen?

Which Size Wall Oven Is Best for Your Kitchen?

If you’re buying a brand-new wall oven, you’re likely excited about it. However, ensuring it’s a perfect fit for your kitchen can be difficult. You must measure your walls’ width, depth, and height and find the right installation service. Luckily, you can do it with a bit of help. Read below to determine which size wall oven is ideal for your kitchen.

Standard Wall Oven

The standard wall oven size ranges from 24-39 inches wide and around 30 inches high. Depth is around five cubic feet. Depth and height remain the same for wall ovens. These dimensions are generalized, so consult your manufacturer’s manual for more details.

Measure the capacity of the space for the oven. You can expect about 2-3.5 cubic feet for a 24-inch-wide single-wall oven. You can expect four to five cubic feet for a 27-30-inch-wide wall oven. Standard ovens are roughly 24 or 30 inches wide, which aligns with cabinet widths, giving it a “flush” feel. Finally, the height is usually 27-29 inches. These measurements will greatly help you determine which wall oven is ideal for your kitchen.

Double-Wall Oven Dimensions

Double kitchen wall ovens boast the same depth and width as a single-wall oven, but the height is around 51 inches. The capacity is double that of the single wall oven. If we do the math, this is a height of 51 inches and a width of 24 inches. The best rule is to imagine all the measurements of the single oven and double it. That said, measure your space, especially where you’ll install your oven. After that, confer with your installers for more information.

Measuring Current Wall Oven Dimensions

To ensure a perfect fit, measure the depth, height, and width of your cabinet opening. As always, consult the manufacturer’s manual for effective cutout dimensions. You’ll need a tape measurer to determine the cabinet’s inner dimensions from left to right. The oven will fit tightly in the space, so keep that in mind. For standard ovens, measure from back to front for the correct depth. Generally, there should be 25 inches of space at the front of the oven. After that, measure the top of the cabinet opening from top to bottom.