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Where Should I Place My Washer and Dryer

There's never the right answer to this question, and the discussion regarding which room should become the one to store your cleaner and dryer goes on, well, seems like forever. This room had become a kind of priority when planning your living space since it increases convenience, improves efficiency, and ensures a safe ventilation. Everyone has their own preferences on where should this laundry room be, however there are some standards which have proven to be helpful. Based on the tips and experiences from our numerous loyal clients we've narrowed down to a list of rooms where your laundry room can most suitably serve.

Upper Floor

This seems to be one of the most popular locations for storing your washer and dryer. As downstairs is a more show-off part of your household, you wish for your laundry room to be placed in a space that is more private and not visited by your guests, and upper floor of your household is a perfect place to have the intimacy of taking the dirty laundry from your closet to the washer.

Near or in the Kitchen

This may sound a bit illogical at first since cooking has nothing to do with laundry, but some prefer to have it this way. As you spend certain time of the day in the kitchen, having a washer and dryer located nearby would be a practical choice, to be able to have all of this work done without running around the house.

Your Basement

No matter the condition of your basement, many homeowners find it suitable to have their laundry done in the basement. This location is absolutely out of the way, and it will make sure that the rest of your home is noise-free without having to worry about piles of laundry waiting to be done.


Garage would come as a great place for your home laundry service in case you experience the lack of space within the living area. If nothing else, this is a much better option than having your washer and dryer in the bathroom, or any other room in your home where piles of dirty clothes can get in your way. Just make sure your dirty clothes don't end up on the floor as this part of a garage can be very dirty.

Near Your Bedroom

This option will ease doing laundry in terms of cutting down on running around your home with piles of dirty clothes. As your clean clothes stay in or near your bedroom, it's a good idea to bring these rooms closer. In many scenarios this is a very convenient option, which, of course, requires for you to have a spare room nearby to turn it to a home laundry service.