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What To Know Before Choosing a Kitchen Range Hood

What To Know Before Choosing a Kitchen Range Hood

When people choose new kitchen appliances, they tend to focus on ovens, ranges, sinks, and refrigerators. This means it’s easy to plan a kitchen without giving much thought to other important appliances like the kitchen range hood. Here’s what you should know before choosing a kitchen range hood.

Location and Space

The type of range hood you choose may depend on your range’s location. If it doesn’t sit next to an exterior wall, you may not have the option of an outdoor exhaust, meaning you’ll need a range that recirculates air back into your kitchen after filtering.

Depending on what style you want, you may also have to work around or remove existing cabinets over the range. You won’t be able to install some styles of range hoods if there’s anything above the range. You’ll also want to choose something that covers at least half of your front burners since those are the burners most people use when cooking.

Types of Range Hoods

Another thing to know before choosing a kitchen range hood is that there are essentially three types, excluding custom builds that you design with the help of a contractor. Here are the three main varieties.

Chimney-Style Hoods

These range hoods are the most traditional looking of the three since their triangle shape clearly resembles an old-fashioned chimney. However, don’t let the word “traditional” scare you off. Plenty of modern homes use chimney-style range hoods in conjunction with trendy interior design to create unique and magazine-ready kitchens.

Island Hoods

The sleeker cousin of the chimney-style range hood is the island hood, which hangs down over the range from the ceiling, usually with no wall connection. Many island hoods contain glass and stainless steel, giving them a sleek, modern finish.

Under-Cabinet Hoods

If you already have cabinets and don’t want to remove them, the under-cabinet range hood may work best for you. These units include both inexpensive and nicer variants. You can also select one depending on whether you’ll need an outdoor exhaust duct or not.

How You’ll Use It

The last thing to consider is how often you plan on using your range and how powerful you need it to be. If you’re stir-frying dishes on a regular basis that create clouds of smoke and residue, then upgrading to a more powerful exhaust fan will be well worth the cost.

You can find a wide variety of ventilation range hoods at Town Appliance. We’ve been a trusted supplier of home appliances for over 50 years, and we’d love to help you find the right range hood for your kitchen.