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Various Washing Cycles

Taking good care of your clothes is a very important job, and with that, we need to understand how washer cycles function. Since washing machines differ from model to model, or a brand, there are varieties in size, capacity, features, but also their performance. This article is here to help you get the best perspective on which of the cycles is the perfect one for your laundry. 


Regular cycle is developed for your everyday clothes and, even though it’s the intense option, it’s considered a perfect washing cycle. This cycle is meant for washing clothes such as cotton, linen and even synthetics, as well as some underwear items. This cycle may ask you which water temperature you'd like to use. Select the temperature based on the contents of the load: for whites, select hot water; for colors, select cool or cold.


Handwashing would be the most similar to the performance of the delicate cycle. This cycle is usually performed with low or even no spin. Use a delicate cycle to wash your delicate laundry.  If the machine defaults to warm water, we recommend you override this by selecting cold water. 

Permanent Press

This cycle is developed mostly for synthetics and clothes that don’t wrinkle. Permanent press cycle is shorter than the regular one, and it uses warm water with lower spin. When it comes to synthetics, we should rarely use this cycle since we tend to wash our durable synthetics on the regular cycle and our delicates on the delicate cycle.


There are washing machine models that feature various, more intense cycles. These are mostly similar to heavy duty. Selecting one of these settings in addition to the regular washing machine setting (Normal, Delicates, Permanent Press) generally intensifies whichever cycle you're using, including a presoak and adding more water. You can opt for the “Heavy Duty” or “Whitest Whites” setting on your washing machine settings when washing heavily soiled laundry. Note that machines vary in their washing intensity.