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Town Helps You Buy a New Range

Do you cook every day or enter the kitchen only when you have to? Whichever group you belong to, it is good for your kitchen to be organized so that you can easily navigate and function in it. Among other things, you can achieve this by choosing the right kitchen appliances, especially the range, as it's "the queen" of the kitchen. If you're wondering how to choose the ideal range, follow the instructions in this article and find out what you need to consider when shopping for a new one. We will introduce you to different types of ranges, their features and specifics. With these practical tips, you will quickly decide on the stove that will be the right one for you.

Most Important Factors

A range occupies a central place in every modern kitchen, you prepare various meals and desserts on it, and it's very important that it's functional and easy to use. For some, it may be of importance that it enables faster cooking, saves electricity and more. Today, the choice of ranges is quite large, so you cannot choose only based on whether they are electric, gas or dual fuel, or on some of their basic characteristics, but also based on various additional functionalities and technologies that certain models may have.

To choose the right range for your kitchen, you need to keep the following in mind:

Your needs and the habits of your family - whether you cook every day, whether you use the oven often or maybe you like to prepare specific dishes that require preparation at a precise temperature, depends on which type of range you choose.
Range dimensions - another very important item to keep in mind. For small spaces, regular ranges with fewer heating zones and an oven are best. If you have a spacious kitchen and a large family, your choice can be a combination of gas and electric range or electric range with four or more heating zones.
Oven type - depending on whether you want a classic, fan, steam, convection or combined oven, you will also choose a range. This can be important to you because of the way you prepare food and whether some of these technologies can make the cooking process easier for you. Additionally, if you often prepare meals in the oven, the fact of how the oven is cleaned is very important.
Color - whether it will be white, black, stainless steel or some unusual color will depend mostly on the color of your kitchen or its design and your wishes. In addition to cooking on it, a range can be an impressive part of your kitchen and its decoration.
Of course, very important thing is which features the model you want in your kitchen should have, what are its most important technical characteristics, but also how energy-efficient it is. It all depends on which model you decide on.

Range Types

When you have more options in front of you, you will decide on the one that suits you best. In general, ranges can be:



Dual Fuel


As their names suggest, they are divided depending on whether they work on electricity, gas or use both gas and electricity.

Electric Range

Electric ranges are a very common choice for consumers in the US. Easy to connect and use, they are found in numerous homes. However, there is a difference between electric ranges. We divide them into two types:

Ranges with classic burners - these traditional models have been on the market for many years. Their advantage is a lower price, as well as cheaper repairs and parts. On the other hand, burners are harder to maintain and are quite ungrateful to clean.

Ranges with flat, glass-ceramic surface - it's their characteristic to have marked contours of the surface on a smooth surface, and they can have six heating zones (smaller zones are marked in larger ones, with the possibility of special inclusion). They are popular as they'r easy to clean, they have heat indicators that warn if the surface is hot and save electricity. For example, if you use the smallest, fastest heating zone, you can save up to 25% of energy compared to ranges with classic hobs.

Induction Ranges

Although these ranges also run on electricity and belong to electric ranges, they still stand out as a special type due to their specifics in relation to all other types of ranges. We can even say that electric ranges are divided into two types - those with a glass-ceramic plate, which have already been mentioned, and ranges with an induction surface, which we present in the extension.
These ranges work with the help of a magnetic field and, in relation to all other types of ranges, they have the highest efficiency. They save electricity, which is all in line with their unique technology. An important fact is that you can prepare food on induction ranges only in a cookware with a magnetic bottom, made of cast iron or stainless steel. The easiest way to check whether the pan is suitable for an induction cooktop is to place decorative fridge magnets on the bottom of the pan. If the magnet "sticks", you can use the dish on this type of range. Otherwise, you will not benefit from it. Another fact is that the induction hob is heated only when there is cookware on it. As soon as you remove the pan, the surface switches off. This saves additional electricity. One more benefit is that this type of stove is very easy to maintain.

Gas Ranges

If you want to be economical, and at the same time you like to prepare meals in the same way as culinary masters, then let your choice be gas ranges. With these ranges, you are the chef. You choose everything - you can reduce or increase the temperature in an instant, as these ranges use burners instead of hotplates and you practically cook on an open flame. When it comes to security, you don't have to worry about that either. Today, technical innovations in the production of this type of r have gone so far that most models have a thermo-electric fuse for automatic shut-off, as well as a gas control system. Gas stoves are the choice of a large number of people in the world as they’re economical and suitable for precision cooking. That’s why they are used by all great chefs.

Dual Fuel Ranges

As the name suggests, they combine the technology of electric and gas ranges. These models are ideal for everyone who likes to prepare meal the traditional way, but also likes to have more options when it comes to food preparation. Gas cooktops are practical as they have greater possibilities in choosing the right cooking temperature, and they’re also great for reheating food. These ranges are mostly designed to have two electric hobs and two burners - however, there are models that have a different number It’s interesting to mention that electric heating zones, can also be glass-ceramic, so this is an additional option that should be considered when choosing such stoves. Their ovens are usually electric, as they enable more even baking. They are safe to use, regardless of whether they have an electric ignition or not. Models without it have special gas switches that regulate gas flow. Be a master, cook in your own way on these high-end, dual fuel ranges.

Your Choice

Buying a range is an investment in the long run, so think carefully before buying and plan what you need. In this short guide, we have brought to your attention what should be taken into account and what is good to pay attention to before deciding on one of the ranges for your kitchen. Don't just pay attention to the price, pay attention to the characteristics of certain models, as well as whether they offer certain additional features. Compare all this with yours and the needs of your family and make the right choice. At, a great selection of all types of ranges waits for you, and you will surely find exactly what you need. If there's ever any doubt, our professional team of experts enjoys helping out with this matter.