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Tips for Using Your Washer and Dryer Safely

Tips for Using Your Washer and Dryer Safely

Washers and dryers are fairly ubiquitous in modern-day life, but they can still be dangerous. As with most household appliances, you should follow a few practices to avoid any problems. Check out these tips for using your washer and dryer safely.

Keep Pets and Children Away

Animals and young children don’t always know the difference between an appliance and a toy. Young children may see the clothes spinning through your front-loading washer and think it looks fun. Animals, on the other hand, might look at an open dryer full of clothes as a place for a good nap.

To use your washer and dryer safely, keep the doors and lids shut and use child locks if your devices have them. When you’re not using the laundry room, keep the door shut or use a child barrier to keep curious kiddos away.

Improve Your Posture

Every type of washer and dryer has its own ergonomic difficulties. Top-loading machines are deep and may require bending over quite far to unload. Front-loading machines have doors low to the ground and also require squatting or bending to access.

For front-loading machines, it’s a good idea to raise them up on a specially-designed pedestal. Most companies make matching pedestals for their units, so they shouldn’t be hard to find. For a top-loading machine, it’s a good idea to use a step-ladder to help you reach inside without hurting yourself.

Clean the Lint Trap Often

The lint trap is a fine wire mesh that keeps tiny cloth particles from clogging up your dryer hose. However, the trap itself can get clogged over time, becoming a fire hazard in extreme situations. To prevent any issues, always clean your lint trap after each load of laundry.

If you’re having issues with your current electric dryer, it may be time to upgrade to a new one. Town Appliance can help you find the right machine for your needs. We carry all the major brands, such as Maytag, Whirlpool, GE Appliances, LG, and Samsung. Call us today or check out our collection of washers and dryers online.