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Tips for Planning Your New Kitchen

Comfort and maintenance are two cause-and-effect concepts that depend on each other everywhere, including the household. Regardless of the fact that someone who maintains the household has to deal with laundry and cleaning, somehow, most of the work is always in the kitchen. When planning your new kitchen one factor always depends on the other and it will set a standard for your kitchen utility, efficiency, and costs of its usage and maintenance. Creating a perfect kitchen for you and your family includes a wide range of factors and decisions to be made, from appliances to colors, tiles, space, and storage. This project should be done with a clear focus on several points that will make sure you'll have a useful kitchen for a long time that will be practical for cleaning and maintenance, energy-efficient, and budget-friendly. In this article we've listed down the factors you need to consider along with some standard solutions.

Investment Plan

Let's start with a good investment plan. Whatever you are about to do in your kitchen try to create a good project to ensure its efficiency. It's not a secret that investing in kitchen equipment is not cheap. First, create your budget and stick to it. The key is to find the perfect solution between the desired quality and what you can afford. Of course, you should always go for appliances and kitchen devices of a higher quality: the quality of stored food is better, it will work much more efficiently, it will last longer... But if you can't afford all the top-notch appliances, decide which are your primary ones, and make them a priority when planning your budget. To some of us, they seem insignificant but dimensions and placement play a very big role when designing and equipping the kitchen. With a carefully created project, you will get the most out of your kitchen as efficiently used space allows us to make our meals in the shortest possible time. It's also important to have in mind the entry and installation of appliances and the rest of the equipment, as well as all the necessary electrical, gas, or plumbing connections. Another factor to consider is your cooking style, as not all chefs have the same practice, and what you need to do is to think of the tools you use for your cooking and avoid purchasing appliances, elements, or the equipment you don't need.


One more important thing to consider when designing and equipping the kitchen is ventilation. Due to the some of the appliances and devices that emit heat, smoke, and evaporating water, you should keep in mind the installation of a ventilation hood in the kitchen. Especially, if your appliances use liquid propane or natural gas, ventilation is mandatory in spite of the evolving technology in using gas nowadays. When it comes to ventilation hoods there are various types and power so you'll need to decide on the type of your ventilation hood. We can always help you with this decision as is always here to offer a great selection of ventilation hoods and other kitchen appliances as well as additional professional help with your purchase.


The costs of maintaining the kitchen are often among the important points of a household budget. You can reduce the consumption of important resources such as electricity, gas, or water when buying an appliance. By choosing better and longer-lasting appliances, you reduce the costs that are later created during their usage. Also, don't be afraid to choose newer generation appliances with modern and automated systems that give more options to chefs. When it comes to energy efficiency, one of the most helpful factors is the Energy Star certificate which instantly helps you make a decision on your new appliance. Besides buying efficient appliances, their usage can also impact your budget and time. These are some of the tips you can use to ensure your kitchen usage will be as efficient as possible:

- pre-rinse your dishes (with the least water spent)
- running full loads of dishes in the dishwasher,
- cooking two meals at once,
- shorter oven preheating,
- preheat your burners on the highest setting,
- turn off your burners 3-4 minutes before,
- cover your pans and pots while cooking,
- defrost your food before cooking.

Appliance Warranty

When buying new kitchen appliances, don't let the price, modern look, or sound name blind you in the first place. Find out a little more about warranty, and customer support. A very important factor to consider when asking about a warranty is for your retailer to have a selected repair service center. For example, at all the appliances are protected by the manufacturer warranty that, in most cases, offers full coverage on parts and labor for a year. For your convenience, we also have extended protection plans for up to 5 years. This kind of warranty always provides a worry-free appliance usage to the customer and ensures that your once planned, designed, and created perfect kitchen will remain useful for years to come.

Organizing Kitchen Elements

When you're planning your kitchen elements placement, it should be based on the principle of a so-called working triangle which includes food preparation, cooking, and washing dishes. It's very important to have everything nearby and have enough space for free and comfortable movement in the kitchen. There are a few standard solutions based on the principle of a work triangle that will help you create a clear picture of the options your kitchen space has. In the linear kitchen with an island, everything is at hand in one single line and the island is just a base for storing dishes and utensils. With a parallel kitchen design, where the appliances and the sink stand in line opposite from the working surface, you can easily achieve the working triangle principle. U-shaped kitchens provide a compact working triangle where everything is at hand placed in two corners without the need to move around a lot. L-shaped kitchens provide a similar convenience of having your working triangle organized on two sides of the same corner.

Storage Ideas

It's essential to consider multiple ideas for storage space in the kitchen from the very beginning. Storage options can be found throughout the whole kitchen, from simple kitchen cabinets to a practical and multifunctional island and even a kitchen storage wall. This mostly depends on the square footage of your kitchen space as, in some cases, it's not possible to fit everything in one room, so don't forget to set your priorities first.


At this point, you have to find your inspiration. Collect your favorite kitchen ideas and pay attention to a couple of important factors.

Choose your kitchen appearance and style. Some of the styles mostly used nowadays are, minimalist, contemporary, traditional, or even rustic. Think about the colors for your kitchen and have in mind that one color should be the focal point of your kitchen space. Collect ideas about doors on the kitchen cabinetry and drawer fronts, handles, and materials that suit your style. Working surface: solid wood, stone, concrete, marble... Make sure to use long-lasting material for it. Experiences state that darker colors hide scratches better. Also choose between small tiles, mosaic or classic larger ceramic tiles.

So when the time comes for you to create your first kitchen or remodel your existing one, can offer you a wide selection of kitchen appliances for sale as well as the exceptional knowledge of highly professional staff that will provide all the information you may need and make suggestions to easily decide on your kitchen appliance purchase.