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Time For an Outdoor Kitchen

Time For an Outdoor Kitchen
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As we’re getting step by step closer to spring and nice, warm, sunny weather, we all plan to spend more time outdoors surrounded by friends and family. As there’s no greater place to do so but the outdoor kitchen, and as there’s no better time to have one but spring, it looks like the time is just right to invest in your carefree time outside.

Evolution of an Outdoor Kitchen

Back only a decade ago, the outdoor kitchens were not exactly kitchens, but just a grill with a few accessories around. Most designs were simply an extension of a gas grill. When the grill surrendered mobility and was anchored to a natural gas connection, they were supplemented by side burners, surrounds and other accessories that were often indoor fixtures or appliances that had been modified for outdoor use. In the past times manufacturers were producing mostly outdoor grills. Today, you can equip your outdoor kitchen with icemakers, freezers, refrigerators, warming ovens, dishwashers and more. Grills have also become more elaborate with once extravagant features such as low heat smokers and pizza ovens becoming more readily available for your outdoor kitchen. This has created a more formal and defined area to ensure that your outdoor kitchen actually is a kitchen.

Grill As a Rockstar

An outdoor grill is the center of the attention in the outdoor kitchen. Great thing about them is that grills now offer the versatility you would expect from a high-end stovetop. A great example of this is the 54 inch Wolf Grill, which unlike the 30, 36 and 42 inch models can be ordered exclusively as a built-in. This behemoth delivers 130,000 BTUs and is so large that it is provided with springs to help lift the top made of heavy gauge stainless steel. The springs reduce the apparent weight of the lid by an impressive 50 percent. Modern grill models now provide an array of features and cooking techniques. An increasingly popular feature is a sear plate that is heated by infrared and can provide additional oomph on gas grills. This allows you to caramelize meat quickly and can create those professional style grill marks. On Wolf Grills, the sear plate gets hot. On the 54 inch model, the temperature can reach approximately 700º F alone, but the sear plate can raise this temperature to almost 1,000º F. This creates an ultra-seared effect that you would expect at fancy steakhouses. Most cooking experts agree that searing creates more flavor, so a sear plate is an essential feature for serious outdoor kitchen users.

How to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Perfect?

Even though a grill is the star of this whole extravaganza, there are numerous accessories you need to make your outdoor kitchen complete. Coolers or ice bins are a popular option for the larger space, but other essentials include an outdoor refrigerator, beverage cooler or dishwasher. The most important thing for you to know is how exactly are you going to be using your outdoor kitchen. Will you be cooking for your family or do you want to host large summer parties? Will you need to use smaller appliances outside that will need countertop outlets? Will you be using your outdoor kitchen only during the day or after dark? You’ll need to think about these questions to narrow down your options and choose the right appliances to complete your outdoor kitchen.

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