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Thermador and Their Luxury Kitchen Appliances

It's been more than a century since Thermador started producing appliances that represent a synonym for style, quality and excellence. This brand is the first who produced a wall oven, introduced us to a stand-alone cooktop, and a column refrigerator. Thermador produces appliances that neatly fit your kitchen design and bring efficiency along with style and modernism. A vast array of appliances they offer is split into two collections:

- The Masterpiece Collection - This collection focuses on the production of appliances with a modern design that will enhance the elegant and classy sense of your kitchen with features compatible with most households and their needs.

- The Professional Collection - This collection is intended for both more serious and demanding chefs as well as their commercial use in restaurants or hotels while meeting the demands of the sleek and bold interior.

No mistake about it, Thermador is among the most popular manufacturers of luxury kitchen appliances with a perfect combination of innovative features, exquisite look and customization options that provide nothing but a top-notch experience in both visual and convenient.

Although Thermador provides nothing less but perfect, we'd like to point out to some of their specific kitchen appliances that we feel go beyond comparison when it comes to utility.

Pro Grand Ranges

These ranges combine absolute customization with a top cooking technology to produce sleek, top-notch ranges perfect for more demanding cooks or designers that look for a perfect centerpiece in the kitchen. Pro Grand Ranges are manufactured to fit both larger or smaller kitchen spaces. They include Thermador authentic Star® Burner with ExtraLow® simmer innovation. These ranges let chefs personalize their cooking habits with multiple options and features like convection, steam, warming ovens or combos, as well as griddle combos with a dual-zone.

Thermador Cooktops

What Thermador combines to make their cooktops among the best on the market are elegance and modern look, uncompromising utility and the highest cooking demands. Any cooktop from the Thermador collection will provide a top-of-the-line cooking experience whether you're looking for a ceramic, flat electric or full-power gas option. These cooktops provide freedom of cooking style and preference with their endless possibilities.

Thermador induction cooktop is a well upgraded appliance with smart technology that recognizes the size, shape, and position of cookware placed onto it no matter where it's placed on the surface.

Specialty Refrigeration

Thermador specialty refrigeration offers a selection of under-counter refrigerator drawers and wine columns suitable for any part of your kitchen, even the entire home. Thermador wine columns come with three-zone temperature control and custom panel options. Additional features like presentation shelving let you show off your favorite wines, giving you a chance to brag about your wine collection. This selection of appliances offers great convenience in terms of placement, design and utility.

Thermador Dishwashers

Thermador boasts of the fastest dishwasher on the market, with a 20-minute hot water washing cycle. These extremely useful appliances include all of the personalization and quality one would expect from a brand like Thermador. Not only Thermador dishwashers provide fast performance, but also, they will wash your dishes with the absolute minimum noise, so you won't be experiencing the inconvenience of hearing the cycle while having a family gathering, dinner, or even a dinner party. And with features like this, we don't have to begin to talk about the quality of washing.

Doesn't hurt to repeat once again that Thermador is among the top world's brands when it comes to luxury kitchen appliances. Your kitchen renovation will be a breeze if you decide to give all your trust to Thermador. And in this time we invite you to explore our vast variety of Thermador appliances and feel free to reach out to our customer service at for more professional assistance.