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The New

We are thrilled to welcome you to our brand new website! After a few months of hard work and dedication our development team had put into, we are officially ready to announce the launch of the brand new We felt really strongly about providing a new and easier way of appliance shopping to our customers and now we are finally ready to let you sail into a new and exciting journey with us.

With this new website, our goal is to make all the information much more approachable to each visitor, as well as to make it easier to our customers learn about all our services and browse any information on the products and options. Now, it’s much more flexible and easy for anyone to base their search for a product based on any of the factors crucial for their next purchase. Whether it’s the installation configuration, color, or any other, our website will filter your search down to the exact product that meets all your needs. 

Also, with the dropdown menus, and collections, the navigation through the website is much simpler. Our homepage includes all the options you need to find the right product or information. Plus, we’ve managed to update our pages with numerous images for you to get the right sense of how will a certain appliance and it’s design fit into an existing space, or even get the idea of how you might like to decorate your kitchen, outdoor or any other rooms.

 Either at the top of the homepage, or when you scroll down, you will reach to our appliance collections. When entered the preferred one, you will see the list of appliance types within the certain collection. You may notice a small question mark next to each of the appliance types. These question marks are there to make it simpler for you and spare you from navigating various pages multiple times back and forth. With just a click on the question mark, you will be shown a short description of the appliance. For more information you can always choose the collection page. 

At each of the collection pages you will find a neatly designed filter system, where you can filter your search down to your most desired product. This search can be filtered by any of the factors or features you wish, such as price, type, fuel, style, features, volts etc. You can also filter your search by each brand and look for those you've had great experience with.

As Town Appliance is known for the highest level of customer care, among other conveniences, we would, especially, like for you to visit our Learning Center. This is a highly-informative page that includes all the information, tips, and suggestions on appliance shopping with tips on how to pick the right appliance, where to install, noise reduction, as well as their usage, and all of this information listed down for each of the appliances.



Besides the Learning Center, you can find some very useful information on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Needless to mention, that all of the additional information you may need will always be provided by our Appliance Service Department and Customer Service, and all of our contacts and location information are just a click away. Additionally, at the bottom of the homepage, you can find many more useful information.


We would be happy to have you spend some quality time browsing through our new website. As for all the services we provide we would love to get your feedback on the look and performance of the website. Feel free to give us any comments, suggestions or questions you have as we will do our very best to implement any of the ideas that may be convenient. With a simple click on the Contact Us section on the top of the homepage you will be quickly navigated to a page where you can easily send us any of your comments and suggestions.



Welcome to the New