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The Differences Between Built-In and Integrated Fridges

The Differences Between Built-In and Integrated Fridges

When you get appliances for your home, it’s important to get what works for you. Since this is the case, you might have to make a few pertinent decisions. You can get so many appliances in your kitchen and even more ways to install them. Do you want your dishwasher built into your kitchen? We can ask the same of our ovens and even our refrigerators. Fridges are particularly difficult to choose since they take up so much real estate in the kitchen. However, we’re here to help. Read below if you’re looking at the differences between integrated and built-in fridges.

Built-In Fridges

Built-in fridges are similar to integrated fridges, but handle type and depth are their primary distinguishing features. Built-in fridges generally sit within cabinet spaces, secured to the wall permanently. But unlike integrated fridges, they stick out from the cabinets a bit and have handles that protrude as well. They offer a range of features and sizes that keep your ingredients fresh and easy to find. Additionally, built-in fridges come in a variety of wider sizes.

Integrated Fridges

Integrated fridges are completely flush against the wall. This gives a modern, clean, sleek finish to your kitchen. These fridges are stylish and versatile and look great in contemporary homes and country cottages. Furthermore, they only take up room that you use for your cabinets instead of sticking out. You can get them in any color, material, and finish to fit well in any kitchen as well. This is a key difference between integrated and built-in fridges.

Which Is Best for You?

There isn’t any single correct answer here. Ultimately, you have to get what’s right for your home. If you want your fridge to look completely flush against the cabinets, an integrated unit is probably the best option for you. But the built-in style has many versatile options that you may prefer for your kitchen.

If you’re interested in getting a fridge, whether it’s built-in or integrated, shop with us at Town Appliance! We have a wide selection of products that’ll fulfill every need. Our fridges come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. We look forward to hearing from you.