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The Benefits of Having Two Refrigerators

The Benefits of Having Two Refrigerators

Have you ever gone to put a leftover pot of soup into the fridge only to find out you don’t have any room left? Then you’ve probably also wondered about getting a second fridge. Having two refrigerators can be very helpful, whether you do lots of home cooking or not. Discover the benefits of having two refrigerators.

Easier To Host Events

Whether it’s birthday parties or holiday gatherings, having two fridges will give you the space you need to store large dishes of food. It also makes home baking much easier since many recipes call for refrigerating entire sheets of cookies and pastries before baking them. With an extra fridge, you will always have room for event foods, be it cake or a turkey.

Feed Your Growing Family

Older kids and teenagers can easily eat you out of house and home when they’re going through their growth spurts. With a second fridge, you can stock up on all your family’s essentials so that you don’t need to make multiple trips to the store each week. Pro tip: get those growing kids to help haul in the groceries so you don’t have to do it alone!

Store Food Properly

The internet is filled with tips and tricks for making your groceries last longer. Many of these tricks will make your food take up slightly more space, which might be worth it if that makes things last longer.

Herbs are a good example of this trick. If you stand up your fresh herbs in jars filled with a little water, you can make them last much longer than if they’re stuffed into the crisper. Having a second fridge will allow you to spread out your foods to maximize freshness.

Long-Term Storage

Another benefit of having two refrigerators is that with a second freezer, there are so many ways to pre-prepare food and have it ready in a dinner emergency. When you make two lasagnas, throw the second in the extra freezer for later. You can even freeze soups (freeze them flat, then stack them like books), homemade bread, and freshly caught fish to make them last longer.

This tip is especially useful if you procure your own food through hunting, fishing, and gardening since you may wind up with more than you can eat at one time. Simply store the rest for later in your extra fridge!

Drink Storage

If you like hosting people at your home, it can be nice to have a fridge dedicated to drinks, whether it’s ice-cold beers, cans of soda, or bottles of water. You can still use your bonus fridge for extra food, but it’s comforting to know your guests aren’t rifling through your main fridge for late-night beverages.

Finding the Right Fridge

If you’d like to upgrade to two freestanding refrigerators, check out our supply at Town Appliance. We’ve been helping customers find the perfect appliances for over 50 years, and we’d love to help you too!