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Simple Ideas For Your Appliance Maintenance

Purchasing a new appliance is the beginning of your relationship with it. Though it’s not supposed to take much of your time, there are things needed to be done every now and then to secure your appliance’s longevity. It’s also useful to carefully read your appliance’s Use & Care Manual.
Therefore, we’re happy for your new appliance. Good luck and make sure you follow these simple steps for appliance maintenance, as well as make sure, your actions on it won’t affect your warranty.

Range Maintenance


Spotless range = healthy range. It’s advised for your range to be cleaned more often, so it would be easier each time. Make sure you clean well around the igniter of your gas range for a clog-free flame. A good and preventive idea is cleaning the cooktop's surface of your electric range a few times before using it. Avoid using an oven cleaner on your self-cleaning range. For electric cooktops, make sure to use cleaning products with no ammonia.

Dishwasher Maintenance

The most important thing with maintaining your dishwasher’s longevity is running it daily. We’re not supposed to wait for huge piles of dishes and full loads as it creates odors and clogs. It’s also a good thing to pay attention to the filter, and clean in and around it inside the tub. Checking the float switch on the bottom of a dishwasher is also advised every now and then. These things will surely maintain your dishwasher’s effectiveness. 

Refrigerator Maintenance

When it comes to refrigerator maintenance, it turns out to be essential to clean the compressor from time to time, as well as refrigerator coils. To make sure your refrigerator maintains the constant temperature, it’s important to clean refrigerator gaskets. This increases your refrigerator’s efficiency, which makes your food last longer and reduces condensation. And the most important thing - read your refrigerator’s User Manual, to see how often the water filter needs to be replaced. 

Washer Maintenance

Because of mold and odors, caused by standing water, it’s a good idea to dry the gasket in front after the cycle is finished. Again, User Manuals always provide good and valid information, so make sure you carefully read the part where it’s noted how much detergent is supposed to be placed into the washer, due to the risk of some parts of your washer being eaten.

Dryer Maintenance

The key part of keeping your dryer safe is cleaning a lint trap inside your dryer and exhaust venting regularly. This can help prevent extended drying time and reduce energy usage. 

As you’re able to see these tips and hints are quite simple, and not needed to perform that often, so they wouldn’t take much of your time, and not going to be on your mind constantly. Most importantly, they can save money and time for expensive servicing. Your appliance is doing good for your household so let’s treat them with at least a bit of respect and keep them neat. You will feel much better and more relaxed.